About Fuzu

fu:ẑu To qualify, to progress, to graduate, become competent or to succeed

Unemployment is soaring high and many young people are having difficulties in entering the working life. At the same time companies struggle to find the most potential talent among endless piles of CVs. The idea of Fuzu stems from this pain. Our ambition is to help people embark on meaningful careers and to build better lives for their loved ones, as well as help companies grow by enabling them to find the right kind of talent.

Fuzu Limited is a Pan-African company that launched the Fuzu employment platform in 2015. Fuzu combines the strengths of the world-renowned Finnish education and innovation systems with deep understanding of the end-user, their needs and aspirations in the African context. Fuzu aims to change the landscape of job search and recruitment by turning hopeless job-hunting into an ever inspiring journey of self-discovery.

Discovering talent, unleashing potential

If you are a job-seeker with a limited work history and education, how do you prove your value to an employer?

How do you keep your spirits up if job-hunting turns into a series of rejections? Fuzu is designed to carry the job-seeker beyond disappointments by setting focus on the future. The solution helps users to identify their unique strengths, improve their skills and competencies, and set a goal for their career – thus turning employment into a personal growth journey.

Recruitment re-invented

As an employer, how do you differentiate between hundreds or thousands of seemingly identical applicants? How do you identify and validate the best skill set, talent, and motivation? Fuzu maintains a pool of carefully profiled, tested, and trained job-seekers – enabling significantly faster, cheaper, and more reliable recruitment.

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