3 important lessons to a successful career from Dr. Chris Kirubi’s life.

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Throughout his journey, these are qualities he had to develop so as to build the massive estate. 

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Dr. Chris Kirubi needs no introduction because his interests in business have earned him a billionaire status. He has also featured in the Forbes magazine. The Director of Centum investment recently shared his story on the show Churchill Show and revealed how he rose from humble beginnings to opulence.

Dr. CK, as he is popularly referred to, was born in 1941 in a humble background. He lost his parents at an early age and had to take over the responsibility of being the family’s breadwinner. Asha Sadique’s article “3 Key Lessons To Learn From Mogul Chris Kirubi’s Success Story” reveals that he would attend school and work during holidays so that he can take care of his siblings.

Throughout his journey, there are qualities he had to develop so as to build the massive estate he has accumulated over the years. Here are some of the lessons that you can glean from the life of Dr. Kirubi.

1. Hard work

Dr. Kirubi revealed that he had to work effortlessly hard to reach where he is today. He emphasized that his success did not come by luck or bribery but through going the extra mile and burning the midnight oil.

2. Motivation

Asha reveals that Dr. Kirubi is still motivated and driven at the age of 89 to go for more opportunities. Even as a billionaire, he is still excited to check up on his many businesses and improve the quality of his work by constant learning.

3. Resilience

Dr. Kirubi’s ascent to wealth and his consistency therein has been maintained by sheer resilience. He overcame many hurdles, cancer being the most notable one. Did you know he started out by selling gas cylinders for Shell Petrol station?

This article was originally published by Capital FM’s The Sauce. Read more here.

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