4 Email list building tactics for small businesses in 2020

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These tactics broadly cover every small business.

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Anyone that tells you email marketing is outdated, irrelevant or useless hasn’t been using this excellent digital marketing resource properly. Indeed, email marketing continues to remain a vital component for customer outreach and expansion for every small and large business.

Given these facts, you might be wondering how to use email marketing for growing your small business. The answer is rather simple: you need to build an email list. And you require email list building tactics that would help you achieve this objective. Understandably, this might sound something alien or perhaps outlandish for a newcomer. Therefore, I’ll explain what the various email list building tactics for small businesses are in 2020.

These tactics I’m about to speak about, broadly cover every small business, In fact, this is a very common tip for online jobs too. This means, they’ll also be useful for bloggers, YouTubers as well as freelancers who wants to earn with online jobs. Because, all these three categories also come under the broad definition of a small business. Therefore, try these email list building tactics for your small business.

Create and publish valuable content

People are hungry for information about everything that concerns their lives in some way. Otherwise, why would they even bother to visit your website, social media page or blog? Everyone is looking for something that adds value to their life, in the sense that it helps them live better in some way or other. If you can meet this demand, your website or blog will witness countless followers and visitors.

Provide a contact form below your content, asking people to subscribe to updates on your website. If your content be valuable to people, obviously they’ll love to stay in touch with your website. They’ll willingly part with their email IDs to get your updates regularly. This is the simplest way email list building tactic for small businesses in 2020.


"Everyone is looking for something that adds value to their life... if you can meet this demand, your website or blog will witness countless followers and visitors."


Invite feedback & questions

Inviting feedback and questions over your content is another excellent email list building tactic for small businesses in 2020. If we observe trends nowadays, it’s clear that people want to interact with a writer or blogger. Furthermore, visitors to your website or blog would also love to inform you about their observations or seek further clarifications and details.

Use a pop-up email form specifically for such questions and observations. Ask people to leave their email IDs when they post suggestions, comments or observations or ask for further details. Adding a line that you’ll revert to them through email works wonders. This helps build an email list provided you take time to give timely and honest responses. The very fact that you respond tempts more people to give their email IDs for your list.

Email social media sharing buttons

One more tactic for building an email list in 2020 for small businesses is by providing an email sharing button social media content. According to reports, this method helps you grow your email list by at least 100 percent. People tend to share what they see on social media through email and other means. And when you add a social sharing link, you can notice where your posts are being reposted.

Social media buttons are known to improve what’s broadly known as ‘click through rates.’ Some digital marketing experts are of the opinion that social media sharing buttons improves your click-through rate by at least 150 percent and helps you build an email list. Social media content usually attracts more people to your website and helps in getting more email IDs for your list.

Use live chat

Live chat isn’t the most cost effective way to build an email list for small businesses. However, it is indeed a trending tactic to build your email list for small business in 2020. And without any doubt I can say this is the single most effective way to build your email list. You can also use a chat bot that uses Artificial Intelligence, though building even the basic one can cost some money.  Instead, I suggest live chat where a human answers queries from visitors to your website or blog or even a Facebook page.

Usually, people that wish to ask questions on live chat are required to provide their email address and sometimes, contact number. Most people are willing to give their email ID but not their mobile or landline contact number since they fear it can be used for spam calls. When you ask only for an email ID with basic details such as name and email ID, you’re developing trust in the visitor. They’ll be more eager to interact with you or the person manning your live chat. AI-based chat bots also work fine, but cost a bit.

In conclusion

There’re other ways such as creating a landing page for email capture, social media lead ads and others. They work equally well. The above four email list building tactics for small businesses are simple and don’t involve complex processes.

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