4 keys to communicating effectively

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A breakdown in communication can have drastic consequences.

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Communication is paramount to every aspect of human interaction. In a company where you have a team of workers, you need to talk to ensure everyone is working towards the set goals and objectives. So how do we pass information? How easy is communication? A breakdown in communication can have drastic consequences. Here are four keys to communicating at work.

1.    Clear

Some people never state what they really want. When you do not put it out there, the other person will never know what you expect from them. Take for instance when a child is crying, a mother can only guess what they need. They may not get it right after two or three guesses. To cut to the chase, state your case loud and clear.

2.    Concise

Make your message direct and to the point. Avoid too much fluff that can derail the message. If you are relaying the information, do not read a full ten-page speech to your juniors. Instead, make a simple message about what you want to convey.

3.    Convince

If you are about to talk about changing working hours, you may need to convince your employees about it. In your message, ensure that you address that by giving compelling reasons as to why you arrived at that decision.

4.    Listen

Lend an ear to the other person. How can you expect me to follow through something that I do not believe? Take your time to hear the other side of the story before you come up with a conclusion.

The keys above will make communication a walk in the park at your workplace.

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