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4 reasons you are not getting calls for interviews

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While there is such a thing as aiming too high, you will save yourself the trouble by understanding what exactly the employer is looking for in terms of skills and experience. 

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Days must have gone by since you started actively hunting for a job and nothing is forthcoming yet. Waiting for your phone to buzz with a call or an email scheduling for an interview is the most vexing part of the job search process especially when nobody gets in touch with you despite sending out a ton of applications.

But do you ever take a step back find out why you haven’t heard back from the employers?   

Here are reasons why you are not getting job interviews.

You are not the right fit

Sometimes it might seem like you are the perfect match for a role. While there is such a thing as aiming too high, you will save yourself the trouble by understanding what exactly the employer is looking for in terms of skills and experience. For example, one will appear to be cocky to apply for a Chief Finance Officer’s role at 23 years old right after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

You might also be limiting your candidacy by presenting your qualifications. Knowing how to write your CV  and cover letter to highlight your skills and qualifications is the first step towards securing that interview.

Failure to follow application instructions

One sure way to disqualify yourself is to not follow application instructions. It might sound too obvious but most job seekers skim through job postings only reading the qualifications and responsibility section. It is critical to read job advertisements to the last word to since some come with instructions on how to apply.

There are job applications that require to be submitted together with attachments or take particular tests as part of the application process. If there are specifications on what you should write on the email subject line, don’t get creative!

Double check your work

To err is human as they say, but did you know to err on your job application is suicidal? Employers read in between the lines and having errors on your application makes you seem like a person who is not detail oriented. You should ensure you have spelled the company name correctly and that your application is grammatical error free.

Your applications should also be in a format that is accessible for the recruiter to open and read.

Avoid generic applications

To be on the safe side when applying for jobs, customize every job application to the job description. You don’t want a situation where your application is not clear on the role you are applying for or worst you have addressed it to the wrong person. Spend a little more time to personalize your cover letter and email to ensure you’ve put the best foot forward.

Put all this into consideration when making the next application, don’t give someone a reason to trash your application.  

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    NGABIRE | February 28, 2018 17:45

    Totally right! Especially the part about applying for roles that require more experience right after one's first graduation! It is not being true to one's self!

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