5 annoying work behaviours

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Personal hygiene can be a source of embarrassment for your office. You don't want people holding their nose around you or always waiting for you to just leave no matter how important whatever you sharing is. 

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We all wish to work with amazing and fantastic colleagues who always make the office a fun place to be. But the office is a society on its own; there is usually that one of a kind person whose character you are forced to put up with. Not that you have a choice anyway. Bosses have been stereotypically known to create an unfriendly work environment, which is not the case sometimes. Employees too can be unbearable at times.

Personal hygiene

A healthy working environment is important. Your workstation is a reflection of who you are down to your personal life and upstairs. A disorganized office space is never inviting to your clients and visitors as well.

You might be good at your job; always bubbling with great ideas and delivering on time. However, when you stop by at your colleagues' workstation, they squirm uncomfortably. Or no one ever wants to take a lift with you because they can't hold their breath to the eighth floor; reason being that bad body odour that is distracting or unbearable for that matter.

Personal hygiene can be a source of embarrassment for your office. You don't want people holding their nose around you or always waiting for you to just leave no matter how important whatever you sharing is. Invest in your personal grooming.

Loud devices

Music keeps most of us going and concentrate better while working. Playing it out loud on a personal computer, on the other hand, would be inconsiderate of you to your colleagues. They might be unable to pay attention to their work over your loud music. Your choice of music might also be far from what they like or they might prefer to work in a quiet environment. You also don't have to sing out loud to the songs you are playing. It can be distracting, worse if you are singing off-key.

Everyone has a phone nowadays. It's good office etiquette to keep your interruptions to a minimum; the ringtones on a low volume or vibration mode.

Uncooperative attitude

An individual with persistent bad or uncooperative attitude can tremendously affect his/ her department's morale. Aside from skills, the workplace is usually diverse in terms of personalities and attitudes. Some employees' personalities, attitude, and approach to life itself might be contorted making them difficult to work with. They can be pessimistic most of the time (negative), hostile or know -it- all; not flexible with their thoughts.

Poor time management & Unpreparedness

It is understandable to be late once in a while, with a valid reason of course. Being a habitual latecomer is a symptom of poor time management. The same applies to delivering on assigned tasks. You are expected to always deliver on time. This requires proper prioritization and planning skills from you. Avoid procrastinating and learn to say no when you have enough on your plate in order to have enough time to complete tasks at hand.

It is also impolite to show up for meetings unprepared while you had all the time to do some research and prepare. Show how serious you are about the issues at hand by showing up at the meeting with your input ready.

Inappropriate comments

Although superiors are the most culprits at this, employees too can be annoying especially when it comes inappropriate jokes and demeaning comments. For example, telling a colleague to improve on a particular skill is appropriate as compared to telling them that they are lame for not having that particular skill, which is derogatory.

Avoiding annoying colleagues or putting up with the friction of with them might turn out to be a draining affair. Be bold; know how to handle such annoying situations diplomatically because you'll never run out of annoying colleagues. What do your colleagues think of you? 

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