5 benefits of hosting company parties

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Throwing company parties has other concrete benefits that your company could rip tremendously from. 

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This witty, even waggish wordplay is captivating and provokes a little chuckle. Here it comes. It’s been constantly said that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy; but again, all play without work makes Jack a mere toy!

But if we put on our scrutiny glasses and look for finer details, the statement is actually laden with truth! In any company, there’re times that call for sleeves to be folded and hands to get busied on tasks, such moments when it’s business and tight deadlines are clawing at employees. These times actually take up most of the moments in the office, beckoning pressure and fatigue. And companies that realize this come up with creative ways to deflate the pressure, one of the apt ways being throwing office parties.

Why? Put in a simplistic way, it is extremely important to strike a healthy balance between work and play.

From the word party, anyone would deduce that fun and play are the only businesses here. But could it be that throwing company parties has other concrete benefits that your company could rip tremendously from? Yes! Here are seven ways in which company parties help

  1. Ease pressure while boosting loyalty: Routine can sometimes choke. Get up, dress up, rush to beat traffic, get to the office, sign in, work, sign out, go home. That ossified schedule, put on repeat! While employees are being productive, burnouts get to them and easing the pressure is needed. Parties are times to loosen ties and put on dancing shoes; kick the pressure out with moves. And while at it, loyalty to the company gets a boost as individuals feel the company cares for them and wouldn’t let them have raddled faces for the rest of their careers.
  2. Building relationships: It’s in such settings, when minds have been switched off from work, that people get to freely interact and build relationships. Normally wine and booze is served, and we all know the kind of confidence that comes with been nicely boozed (not sloppy drunk). A party could, matter-of-factly, help a fresh employee give up the tension and feel at home. With such easy interactions comes this next benefit.
  3. Team building: The environment highly provokes interactions, because parties push good mood (good food is good mood) to top levels. If the organizers are smart enough to include games and fun-inclined activities, team work gets a great boost. This directly reflects on performance when employees get back to work.
  4. Employee validation: Company parties provide the best time to recognize and award best performing employees. An employee recognized at such an environment will freeze the moment, frame it and put it up on the walls of his mind. This will not only motivate the awarded, but also others who’ll yearn to be recognized too, a next time.
  5. Strengthens company culture: Company parties could present an opening to cultivate company culture. Well it’s about fun, but it doesn’t break a bone to have a short speech from the CEO maybe, reminding employees of culture and values. However, the speech has to be easy and the tone casual to match that of the mood set. It should also be brief. Maybe you haven’t figured it out yet, but speeches made during such occasions remain embossed in minds for long- eternally even!

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