5 biggest mistakes new employees make

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The way you dress, talk, maintain your work station or treat the support staff will either put-off or attract your new colleagues.  Being tidy and addressing others respectively will make others want to be associated with you.

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Congratulations for getting yourself that job. New job, new workplace and new workmates; nobody knows you there yet. It goes without saying that first impressions count. You should therefore avoid behaviours that may end up casting you in a negative light in the eyes of your colleagues, something that can cost you your reputation. Being the newbie at the workplace, your colleagues will warmly welcome you and show you around but behind those smiles are curious minds. Everyone will be watching and scrutinizing everything about you- body language, dress code abilities e.t.c. These are the pitfalls to avoid if you are new to the workplace:-

Ask questions
 You might be holding back thinking that you are playing safe by not asking questions. You obviously think that your new colleagues might judge you or think of you as a rookie. Well, you are a new comer who has a lot of new information to take in; new names, foreign jargon e.t.c it will therefore be understandable for you to ask questions. 
You should also refrain from apologizing for asking questions e.g. “Sorry for asking…” there is nothing to apologize for. You can alternatively say, “Sorry for interrupting…” However, if you notice your colleague are getting irritated that you are asking too many questions ask them to recommend to you resources that will help you out.
Questions provide you with knowledge, context and help you get direction on what you are supposed to do in addition to showing you are a curious and courageous person. Therefore, don’t shy away from asking questions.

Trying too hard to impress
It’s normal for you to feel the pressure to show your new colleagues that you can deliver especially considering you are under a probation period. This pressure in most cases is usually self- imposed and if one doesn’t manage their expectations they might end up taking actions prematurely. 
The initial days are usually meant for on boarding new employees. You should take your time during this period to get used to their culture and process. If you are not sure about something it’s okay to say you know but are willing to learn. This will save you from rubbing some shoulders the wrong way or look like you are pretending to know what you don’t.

Taking in more than what you can handle
It’s is okay to be willing to undertake a variety of tasks and going out of your to help your colleagues. This should be done while taking into consideration the amount of workload you can handle and if you have cleared your tasks as prioritized. If your senior still insists to delegate more tasks to you, ask which one should be prioritized. If multi-tasking is your strongest attribute, go ahead; take on a couple at a time. 

Poor social habits
You might not be an open book but there are things that are easy and quickly noticeable. The way you dress, talk, maintain your work station or treat the support staff will either put-off or attract your new colleagues.  Being tidy and addressing others respectively will make others want to be associated with you. On the contrary, habitual lateness and arrogance will definitely give you a short shelf life in that organization.

Constant referencing to your former employer
Just like when you get into a new relationship, you should avoid constantly referring to your former employer. What they were good at, what you liked about them or what you miss about them. Gloating about your former employer will make your colleagues feel like you are comparing their company to your former company or even worse indirectly criticising their company. Learn to appreciate the existing company culture while at the same time avoid criticising your former employer. You don’t want to label yourself as whiner or gossiper, do you?

Bottom line; everyone makes mistakes, but it all depends on how you can handle it. Start by acknowledging the mistake itself.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during the first days at work?


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