5 Businesses that you can start at home

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With the limitless opportunities we have online, you can build a thriving business using limited resources. 

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The internet has opened the possibility for conducting business from the comfort of your home or remotely from anywhere. You no longer have to have a shop or warehouse in order to own a business; with the limitless opportunities we have online, you can build a thriving business using limited resources. 

Here are some businesses that you can easily start and run from your home as captured by Asha Sadique. 

1. Buy products in bulk and sell them online

You can buy many products at a wholesale price then sell them via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. A good example is buying household items from Kamukunji market then advertising them to an online audience.

2. Selling unwanted items

If you have good products in your house that you are no longer using such as clothes that you rarely wear or those that don’t fit you anymore and toys can be good stock for an online thrift store. You can’t lack customers who will jump on your second-hand products and that money can go into savings.

3. Makeup

Asha advises that you can cash in on the high demand for makeup and go to Dubois and buy make up kits at a wholesale price and maximize high profit margins. Ensure that you work with an effective delivery service to make it easier for your clients.

4. Wigs

Wigs are a profitable venture because many women are turning to them for different fashion styles. From AliExpress, there are classy wigs for as little as Kes1500/-. You can import those ones and make those extra coins.

5. Food

In and out of season, food will always be on demand because people need to eat. You can satisfy that need by making your own food and your recipes then selling it on social platforms. Asha says that you can consider making snacks such as Kebabs, samosas, cakes, hotdogs because people buy them for different occasions.

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