5 CV mistakes that are preventing you from getting hired

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The job application process can be quite frustrating, especially for job seekers who have made numerous applications but aren’t getting any feedback or interviews. 

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Searching for a job these days can be challenging regardless of whether you have been in the work force for a while or a fresh graduate just starting out. The job application process can be quite frustrating, especially for job seekers who have made numerous applications but aren’t getting any feedback or interviews. The fact is that hiring managers receive hundreds of applications, thus if your resume does not arouse their interest chances are high it will be discarded.

Therefore your CV should be tailored to keep them engaged, or they will put it aside and move to the next application. To assist you in drafting application materials that will impress hiring managers, here are 5 common errors you can avoid:

Making Spelling Mistakes

Even in this age of tweets and typo-ridden texts, misspellings, grammatical errors and misused words will score you no points from potential employers. Attention to detail is an important skill that employers look for in a candidate. Mistakes communicate laziness and carelessness. 

The best way to prevent simple spelling mistakes popping up on your CV is to have a fresh pair of eyes to look it over. A second party will be able to pin-point any grammatical and spelling mistakes you may have overlooked, and also make other relevant recommendations.

Not clearly highlighting your USPs (unique selling points)

Most job seekers are only concerned about highlighting their responsibilities and forget to point out how they stand out of the crowd. Remember, the recruitment manager is trying to establish what value you bring to the team, so focus on your qualities and achievements. Especially those that will make you stand out.

Not tailoring your CV to the specific job

Many job hunters have generic CVs that they submit for different job advertisements. For hiring managers, such applications are disqualified early in the process. Every job advertisement has its own specifications and your CV must be customized according to the responsibilities, and your qualifications.

Focusing on responsibilities instead of results and achievements

Too often candidates focus on responsibilities of previous employment positions, yet they can be more convincing if they illustrated results and expectations. Recruitment personnel’s are usually impressed when you can clearly state what results you were able to deliver at your previous employer(s). For example, if you have previously worked at a bank and advised clients on investments, instead of writing that you “advised clients on smart ways to invest money” you highlight the results of your work by saying something along the lines of “advised 80 high net worth clients on investment policies which generated X-amount of revenue for the department.”

Too much unnecessary detail

It makes sense if you are a tenured university professor, with 2 decades spent in academia, to have a 2 to 3 page resume. If you are a young professional or a recent graduate, however, you can easily condense your CV to a single page. To avoid being wordy have someone else go through your CV and highlight areas you should rephrase or remove entirely.


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