5 easy ways to get motivation at work

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You are more likely to be excited about work if you are working with people who motivate you every day.

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Finding the motivation to get through work can be difficult sometimes. To help you deal with this feeling and ensure you are always motivated to climb up the career ladder, we came up with the following tips: -

  1. Find a mentor.  Take control of your career development by finding someone who is willing to share their experience and insights. Look for someone you admire career wise and give them a phone call or invite them for coffee. Aside from supporting you in your decision making and career growth, their feedback can help you to develop your skills.
  2. Become a better team member. Ask to be a part of a project or come up with ideas and suggest them to your coworkers. Working with others can help increase the creativity levels, enhance relationships and create a better work environment. You are more likely to be excited about work if you are working with people who motivate you every day.
  3. Stay busy. Allowing yourself to be bored at work could lead you to becoming less motivated which can then lead to lack of interest and depression. Even as you take breaks, make sure that you do something such as reading a book or learning a new skill.
  4. Use your leave days. Maybe you wanted to save these days to take a longer holiday later on or you feel you have too much work to take a break but taking short, regular breaks all through the year will help you to feel relaxed and refreshed. For example, take a three-day break after working non-stop for a month.
  5. Protect your mental health. More employees are finding themselves experiencing stress, depression and anxiety. Learn your own symptoms that show you your mental health is at risk or that you are under too much pressure. For example, if you start feeling annoyed all the time or feel tired even after sleeping eight for hours, it might be time to leave the office for a day or two.

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