4 mistakes management level job seekers make.

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You have done so many great things for your company but you don’t know how to leverage on that to market yourself...let your achievements known to the interviewing panel.

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Having the experience and right skills is not enough for an organisation to consider you for a management-level job. Small things that you overlook while job searching like not researching about a company can hinder your chances. Here are mistakes that management level seekers make:


You may be overconfident owing to your work experience and having attended many interviews. However, failing to prepare for an interview, not updating your CV or not researching about the company can work against you. Additionally, being too overconfident in the interview can portray you as being cocky, and it may be a turn-off. Hiring managers can mistake overconfidence for arrogance.

You are not leveraging on your networks

You have developed connections in your industry, but you are not using them to your advantage. Reach out to your networks and ask them if there are opportunities in their organizations. You can also request them to recommend you to their friends who are hiring.

You should also participate in networking events such as a panel discussion that will make people at higher levels notice you.

Understating your accomplishments

You have done so many great things for your company but you don’t know how to leverage on that to market yourself. It’s vital that you let your achievements known to the interviewing panel. You should indicate your accomplishments on your CV and highlight them during the interview. Moreover, you should back your accomplishments with detailed quantitative information.

Lack of online experience

Not being an active social media contributor limits your chances of landing that mid-level job. You can build your professional brand online by sharing content about your industry, which will increase your chance of being noticed. Also, make sure that you update the information on your online accounts to reflect your current employer, job, and even work accomplishments.

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    Omindo | April 12, 2019 15:13

    Marketing of oneself is the pivotal point of job searching and gives positive view to the recruiters.

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