5 Question to ask during a sales pitch

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I have often found that listening 70% of the time and talking for the remaining 30% to be very helpful, and will guide you in asking the right questions.

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People dislike sales because of the insecurity associated with the job. It is often considered to be an axe that is constantly hanging over your head waiting to fall. I also had the same opinion until I found myself aboard the ‘sales boat’ and realised that asking the right questions/ consultative sales is a key component if you intend to convert that lead into a sale and stay off the chopping block. I have often found that listening 70% of the time and talking for the remaining 30% to be very helpful and will guide you in asking the right questions.

Below are some of the questions that any sales person worth their salt should always ask:


What is interrogative and speaks to the client’s current solution to solve their challenges, the experiences they have had with the existing solution. What could be used as an opportunity to read into the client’s frustrations, joys and what they would like to see changed about the existing solution.


Why is a probative question that will require the clients to provide you with details of their current processes and workings. By asking why you are able to pick up on why the client current mode of operations.Asking why provides insight on whether the product or service you are offering is relevant for your client.


 Asked in the relevant context, how speaks to the impact of the product or service in the individual organisation based on the identified need or opportunity for business. How is an inviting question and could be used to demonstrates in what manner the product or service ties to the value.


Speaks to the utility. At what point in time will the product/service have the most impact to the client.


Who is equally just as interrogative as the other words and speaks to the person/persons involved in the process. Asking who is core to making your sale as it helps you identify who the right person to engage with would be. Who will give you insights to the users of your product and the decision-making unit of the organisation.

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    Ngesah | September 12, 2018 07:21

    This is what I was missing. For sure I'll change my ways of being frustrated in sales. I've been talking 70℅ and listening 30℅

    Beatrice | December 15, 2017 16:19

    Quite informative

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