5 social media mistakes that can cost your job search

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Whatever it is that you choose to post, mirrors you.

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Every single day, social media platforms are awash with simple texts, stories, gossip and in some cases, tidbits of wisdom. Depending on one's preferences, people create their social media footprints. Whatever it is that you choose to post, mirrors you.

Outside of the interview room, social media is an accurate reflection of a person's character. Social media profiles compliment one’s resume. Most recruiters will, therefore, check your social media profile before considering you for a position.

 Which begs the question, what are they likely to find if they went through your profile? An intelligent, friendly and professional profile, or a display of cuss words and debauchery? Here are common mistakes that you should avoid: -

1. Inappropriate photos

Posting inappropriate images shows not only a lack of self-esteem but also exhibitionism. Also, it shows that one is looking for quick validation. Nakedness is thus an indictment on your character.

2. Swearing

Everything is created twice, first in the mind, and then in reality. Swearing shows that your mind is full of negative energy. The foul language also shows employers that you are not only immature, but you lack vocabulary.

3. Offensive Posts

Posting offensive words or phrases shows that you lack awareness. It is also indicative of the total disregard of other people's feelings. A recruiter would not consider hiring someone who comes out as selfish and egotistical.

4. Sharing private information

Sharing private information compromises your privacy. Posting information about family members or problems at work can seriously compromise their privacy. Private information on your social media platforms is a red-flag for recruiters because you may end up sharing information they may not be ready to have the world know.

5.Pseudo Names

Anonymity is a sign of being a coward. It is also a sign that you may be hiding something. No employer would want to employ someone who is not confident enough to reveal their true identity.

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