5 Things you must include in your Cover Letter.

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Writing a cover letter can be a daunting task at times but winning your dream job is the best feeling ever.

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Writing a cover letter can be a daunting task at times but winning your dream job is the best feeling ever. One needs a good cover letter to get their foot in the door. Your letter is meant to complement your resume and tell the employer the position you are seeking and why you are a prospect. Below are five highlights that must be in your application letter.

1. Salutation

Salutation is one of the most important and yet one of the underrated aspects of cover letter writing. Most people rush for ‘Dear sir/madam’ or ‘To whom it may concern' when making applications. An employer will focus more on a letter addressed directly to an individual rather than a copy cut of greetings. Doing research is of great essence because you'll be able to understand whom you should address your application to. It also shows you have made an effort in knowing the company.

2. Introduction

Your introduction should catch the attention of the employer and convince them to keep reading. Showcase your ability to sell yourself by not using obvious venerable sentences. Instead of just telling them, “I am applying for….” use a more captivating introduction, “Having worked as a sales executive for three years and crowned as the best seller for two consecutive years…” I am writing to apply for the position of (name of the position).

3. Back Up

In your back up paragraph, you need to prove the ability highlighted in your introduction. Your experience may not be relevant to every position. In order to flourish, make sure you create a checklist of your skills and the requirements in the job description. Put down the skills that match the position. In doing this you are able to focus on what is really important and the employer is able to see why you are the right candidate for the position.

4. Interest in the  company

In your writing, it should be more about them and less about yourself. Show the company how you can be an asset. Do a research either on their website or social media platforms to get information and the need for their post, “I have noticed that, you are extending your branches to cover East Africa Region therefore a need to increase your sales pipeline and market your products….”

5. Conclusion

The closing remarks are usually short but crucial. Give a summary on why you are an ideal candidate and your desire to get feedback in their convenience.

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    HELEN | April 27, 2020 08:31

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