5 things you need to know about hiring and making technology work for you.

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The internet and the World Wide Web have decongested the space between businesses and the consumers.

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With technological advancement, Ecommerce and E-business are on the rise, businesses are gradually integrating and taking their spaces in the virtual world. All these for a simple reason, the benefits of using technology outweigh the risks. No company would want to feel left out in a world where hefty profits and efficiency are made from a tap of the right key into the virtual world. The internet and the World Wide Web have decongested the space between businesses and the consumers. The consumers love the experience, and businesses are finding it easy to navigate the needs of the consumers, in attempts to satisfy them.

However, businesses hire technology for different reasons, and by that they choose the technology that would work for them. Each business chooses the kind of technology whose purpose aligns with the company’s long-term goals. For any business, company or organization, that is having doubts, or is yet to employ a technology, here are five things you need to know about technology, and the role it might play in your business.

1. Technology allows for personal branding for consumers.

Through technology you can captures and stores every action taken by a customer or user logged into your system, creating a pool of information, from which you can analyze to understand customers preferences and behaviors. In addition, by understanding the customers’ behaviors, it helps your business to match their needs with the services provided.

2. Internet marketing

Technology offers competitive advantage to businesses when it comes to marketing, since a greater target audience is reached. This is through search engine optimization, which enables anyone from all over the world to access your virtual business world. Internet marketing is such that, when a consumer is looking for something related to your services, he or she will get referred to your business.

3. Inter organizational information system

Inter organizational information system is a unified system with several business partners. Think of it has a shopping mall where you can find different businesses and shopping outlets in one place. It enables the exchange of information over networks through sharing thus reducing cost and time used during telephone calls, paper trail, and documents correspondence. Inter organizational information system allows customers to find all they need under one online site, with a site referring them to the other site. For instance, Fuzu has partnered with several businesses such as Tibu, Mkopa, and Centum Investment.

This helps your business to gain its credibility and build on its reputation.

4. High volume recruiting

The human resource management function in companies have also integrated their recruitment processes with tools that enable them to be efficient. Online platforms allow job seekers to sign up with them and matches them with potential employers. This saves times and costs that otherwise, one would have used to print documents, or having to send the documents blindly.

5. Conversational marketing between business and consumers

Technology allows for direct business to customers relations. With tools such as chat box and live chat where consumers can share their feedback and talk to customer service online. Customers are now able to give online reviews and recommendations.

In light of all these, with technological advancement, there has been an increase in cyber-crimes. This makes some consumers weary of using technology, simply because they are afraid of a breach of security to access their personal information. As a company, you need to take the necessary security measures that will counter attack threats of hacking. Consumers, when selecting a site to use they will select that site which has secure systems and has high credibility. They will always look at the ratings and the feedbacks given.

Lastly, before hiring a technology, engage an IT expert, to guide you on the policies, procedures, and protection guidelines of employing technology.


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