5 tips on how to run an effective meeting

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Here are simple tips on how to run an effective meeting.

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Meetings can be quite dull if not well thought through. Most meetings digress to other matters and miss the main agenda. If you have been struggling to convene productive meetings, you may need to change your approach. How can you ensure that your meetings are effective? Here are simple tips on how to run an effective meeting.

1.    Have a clearly stated agenda for the meeting

If you are setting up a meeting, create a schedule for the meeting. The program clearly outlines the critical parts that the meeting will address. When you are holding a meeting, an agenda gives your team a heads up on the matters that have prompted the convening of the meeting. That way everyone can be ready for the meeting.

2.    Review the list of attendees

It is essential to know who will be at the meeting. Once you know each member attending, you can assign them duties in the conference. That makes it easier for everyone to participate in the discussion. Without a list, you may be engaging the wrong people with matters that do concern them.

3.    Manage time

Many meetings take too much time and end up straying to other insignificant issues. If your employees are held up in a meeting all day, they will avoid attending meetings at all costs.

4.    Important points

Ensure that you do not dwell so much on one topic. That way, your employees will not derail the meeting. Focus on the essential things and always once in a while digress to create a light moment and break the monotony.

5.    Take notes

It is vital that you take notes on the critical matters discussed. You may not remember what was agreed upon after you leave the boardroom. Be a good example to your juniors by utilizing your notepad and pen.

Meetings do not have to be boring. If you follow the steps above, you will always look forward to the next meeting.

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