6 Ways to Advance Professionally Without a Degree

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Although there is a consensus in several parts of the world that there is a need for a college education to become a successful part of the workforce, it is not always a fact. It is possible to enjoy a successful and rewarding career without completing a college degree.

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There is one perspective that several job seekers might find encouraging. One doesn’t need to have a college degree to have a successful and great career. Although there is a consensus in several parts of the world that there is a need for a college education to become a successful part of the workforce, it is not always a fact. It is possible to enjoy a successful and rewarding career without completing a college degree. For greater clarification, research continues to indicate that the greater your education the more you are going to earn. But for the people that are searching for jobs without a college education, there is no need to lose heart. Here are some tips for getting a job without a proper college education.

1. Earn certifications

There is a case for taking up specialized or vocational training in a trade school via a training program. You may also consider the local community colleges for boosting the prospects. Taking into account the field you are looking to specialize in, researching the credentials will also help you in staying ahead of the pack. The education you get this way may be just as valuable as a college education although it depends on the line you select.

2. Understand your aptitude for a career

You can find several online portals offering their members access to several kinds of skill tests that are designed to help you gauge your professional strengths and aptitude. They also guide the job seekers to different opportunities that are a perfect fit. Be aware of your strengths and pursue a career that can be propelled by the innate capabilities you possess.

3. Taking up online job training courses

Getting some online job training courses under your belt is also helpful for the job search even if you do not possess a proper college degree. These courses are in partnership with a range of well-known universities and offer career development in a variety of fields. There are other reputable resources available online as well that provide access to video courses.

4. Look to get on-the-job training and find a career mentor

Think about searching for flexible jobs that may help you in learning the new in-demand skills or help in honing the existing ones. Some entry-level jobs offer a great way of learning as you get opportunities in your career. Having said that, just landing certain jobs does not guarantee your growth, there is a need to proactively pursue learning and training opportunities.

Career mentors are capable of providing invaluable advice and they can also connect you to other people professionally. They will point out the areas that need improvement and can help you decide your career path.

5. Find adult internships and volunteering opportunities

Taking on adult internships or volunteering will offer some ways of gaining valuable experience and it will not matter whether you possess a college degree or not. In many job fields, experience is the most important factor. If you can show prior samples from your existing portfolio that can showcase your value and demonstrate your experience, it can be invaluable for an organization.

6. Use networking

When you are looking to find a job that can be a game-changer for you, it is important who you know. By getting a recommendation or references from people that work in the organization you are applying to can take you to the top position on the list and it doesn’t matter whether you have a college degree or not. You can use your network for finding out and making new connections. Do not be afraid to schedule and conduct informational interviews for learning more about certain career paths and get back honest feedback.


Finding jobs on the internet that do not require a college degree is simple if you can use advanced search options. Use words such as entry-level, diploma, some college in the search field as keywords. You can also use other keywords that are suitable for your situation. Here are some jobs that do not require a college education:

  • Data entry.

  • Administrative assistant.

  • Accounting clerk.

  • Bookkeeper.

  • IT project coordinator.

  • Tech support specialist.

  • Insurance sales agent.

  • Claims representative.

  • Pharmacy technician.

  • Medical coder.

  • Mortgage underwriter.

  • Property claims adjuster.

  • Sales representative.

  • Sales director.

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