7 Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

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Job searching for months or years can leave you feeling exhausted and running low on hope. But what could be holding you back? Take a look at what could be preventing you from getting hired.

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“Sorry, after careful consideration of your qualifications we have decided not to proceed any further and have made an offer to another candidate.”

No one looks forward to receiving such a response, but what could be holding you back? Job searching for months or years can leave you feeling exhausted and running low on hope. It’s time to take a look at what could be preventing you from getting hired. 

Not being proactive in your job search

Dreaming of having a better job with better pay isn’t wrong. However, being passive about looking for a job won’t help. You need to be strategic and proactive about your job search. It isn’t just about the numerous applications you’ve applied to. It’s also connecting with the right people and acquiring in-demand skills. Going that extra mile says a lot about your commitment in getting that dream job.

Overlooking application processes

Many people just skim through the job description then go straight to the application. You might end up missing the instructions given on how to apply. Carefully read and follow the application process step by step. You could be asked to provide a cover letter or write a given subject line as required. For many recruiters, they shortlist their candidates by choosing those who are keen to such details. 

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Not researching the company

When employers ask what you know about the company, they are testing one thing…do you know about the company? Employers want to know you took the time to learn a bit about the company. You don’t need to know everything but at least have a good grasp of publicly available information. To the employers, it shows you can take initiative and are ready to come up with ways that can contribute to the company’s success.   

Lack of references

Hiring managers find references very useful because they attest to the skills and experiences a candidate has listed on their resume. Lacking appropriate references or having no references can affect your eligibility for a job. The people to include in your reference list are former bosses, co-workers, colleagues you worked with or professors. Make sure they are reliable and aware of the specific job you are applying for.  

Poor communication skills

You can be qualified for a position but if you don’t have good communication skills then you may end up not getting the job. First way to communicate effectively is through your resume and cover letter on how you are the best person for the job. The next way is through your interview.  Believe in yourself first before anything else. When answering, do it confidently. It speaks volume to the recruiter. 

Wrong impression

It’s easy to sell yourself short and come out leaving a bad impression which ultimately costs you your dream job. To avoid this, understand your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Put an effort to build a good and lasting reputation with your potential employer. Whether it’s by dressing appropriately or showing up early for your interview. These little yet most overlooked actions are very important.

You are over/under qualified

Sometimes employers don’t offer over qualified or under qualified candidates work due to their job descriptions. For the over qualified, you can still get the job. You just have to let the recruiter know your salary flexibility and interest in the work itself. If you’re under qualified, take time to show the hiring manager that you are a match for the position. You can list key experiences from your internships and volunteering. 

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    Sometimes, when the recruiter asks for expected salary. If the salary is more than what they budgeted for, those candidates may be disqualified even if they fit the job description

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    doreen | February 25, 2021 03:25

    True and one thing I have noticed too is that some times it's the referees who let down most job seekers. They tend to be good to the applicants but when it comes to recommendations they feel jealous.

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    Betty Mukami | February 24, 2021 14:59

    I recently read a report here on latest CV trends and details that shouldn't be on the CV. Among them were professional references. What position should applicants take? To include or remove referees from the CV until when requested for them?


    Fuzu | February 25, 2021 10:12

    Including references in your CV used to be a standard protocol but the thinking on this has changed. Some employers request for references at the very end of the recruitment process. But if it hasn't been specified on the job description, make sure to include your referees.

    Joseph | February 24, 2021 05:26

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