A Time Travel into the Future of Job Hunting

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Human resource managers are agreeing that the grounds have shifted; we now are living in an age of smarter recruitment...the job seeker of tomorrow will face a great deal of changes in the process and outlook.

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Human Resource managers are agreeing that the grounds have shifted; we now are living in an age of smarter recruitment, with numerous changes in talent sourcing. This shift has consequently stretched an arm and tipped the scales, turning around the outlook of job seeking.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. You are a graduate, unemployed, with the need for a job pulsing in your veins. You read a job ad in the newspaper and answer it. Answering it means getting your application and documents in order, sliding them into an envelope which you seal with your saliva. No, maybe not just your saliva, but also your hope that someone somewhere will read it and decide that you are the perfect fit for that job. And then you stick a number of stamps on the envelope and release it into the hands of the men and women working at the post office. If at all you’re picked for the job, it takes another process for the employer to write back to you.

But what about now? With emails and phone calls and skype and job platforms, everything is easier. The process is not as tedious and foggy as it used to be. And if you think we have seen it all, then you’re wrong, for the future of job hunting has a lot more in store for us. Buckle up, let’s time travel to the future of job hunting.

According to the 2018 clutch recruiting survey, recruiters who participated quipped that we are currently living in a job seeker’s market. And you can be rest assured without a scintilla of doubt that in the future, job search platforms will be job seekers’ most treasured, fortified havens. To understand better, the following will give a glimpse of the future:

Personalised job recommendations: We are used to is rifling through a box filled with job opportunities in all areas, hoping to get one that matches our skills. What we are used to is the game of chance at finding job opportunities, and at receiving a happy nod from employers after application.

But there’s something called personalised job recommendations and how this works, is that as a job seeker you get job recommendations that match your interests and skills sent to your inbox. Jobs where seemingly you would be a perfect match. Therefore, it is of undeniable importance that job seekers join platforms that do the heavy lifting for them, making the application process easier and one replete with choices. Towards personalised job recommendations is where we are hurtling. Where job seekers’ platforms are AI and machine learning driven; this enables them to understand their users needs and preferences.

Accessible and downloadable professional resumes: We won’t need paperwork anymore. Recruiters are embracing platforms that enable them to download an applicants’ resume.  Fuzu is an example of such a platform. Users can create online profiles which give employers a holistic overview of who they are.  

Individual websites: According to a well-articulated article by the business insider every job seeker should be seriously thinking of having a personal website. It is the new way to elevate your brand to greater levels. But what will you have on your website yet you have no product to sell? You may ask. You have a product to sell, and that is who you are and what you can offer. Conjure this in your mind—a website with a section describing your education background, another describing your hobbies during off-hours, another lining up your skills, your achievements, another cradling your certificates, and well, a place where the recruiter can with one click download your resume.

Online presence:  Social media has the power to give you a job or block whatever chance you had. This is already happening. Recruiters check out job seeker’s social media platforms to try and find out just what kind of a person they’re dealing with.    the future this trend will only increase. A job seeker’s online presence will be a key determinant as to whether they are the perfect fit or not.

Specialization: The ability to narrow down to one area and mastering it will be very handy. Let’s take the field of marketing for-instance. We were used to having Marketing as a general discipline, but now we have things like digital marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing. People are increasingly picking one of these and mastering them. And in the future, specialization will be a driver to excellence.

Agility: In as much as specialization will be paramount, ability to be agile in a way you can shift from one line of career to another will be a magic card. Platforms such as FUZU  let an individual click on their areas of interest/expertise whether in the same industry or not, and then we link them to job opportunities pertinent to options they chose.

To sum it up, the job seeker of tomorrow will face a great deal of changes in the process and outlook, but we need not be scared. FUZU is a time-traveller and has returned from the future with career development solutions.  It understands a winning individual is an ever-learning individual.

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