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As intimidating as Psychometric Tests appear to be, the key to acing and achieving a top score is through practice and preparation. 

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Psychometric Testing is not a new concept;it was originally used for educational psychology. It has since been adopted to be a common feature of the selection process, particularly within large, competitive organizations.
You might have applied for a role and the potential employer required you to take a test (either online or by physically going to a test site), then that is a good example of a Psychometric test. Most entry level jobs require a candidate to take different tests to ascertain their suitability for the role. The reason recruiters prefer to use these tests is due to the large number of applications they get hence through the test they can assess each candidate on their acquired skills as compared to educational background.

These tests are used to measure the following:
a) Suitability for the role
b) Company fit/personality
c)Aptitude to work
The tests may appear at any stage in the recruitment process either immediately after you submit yourapplication; As an add-on to your interview or Before/after your actual interview.
 Categories of these tests include:

1.Numerical reasoning test- used to assess basic mathematical abilities presented in reports, graphs or charts to determine one’s interpretation of data.
2.Verbal reasoning test- determine one’s ability to evaluate written information to help make an informed decision.
3.Inductive reasoning test- use trends or patterns, typically diagrammatic information.
4.Logical reasoning test-Aims to evaluate your skills in reaching a conclusion. Also, often known as deductive reasoning tests.
5.Error checking test-Assesses your ability to quickly identify any errors in complex data sets.
6.Personality tests-use to assess one’s personality traits.

As intimidating as Psychometric Tests appear to be, the key to acing and achieving a top score is through practice and preparation. 
1.    Research the company you are doing the Psychometric Tests for.
2.    Identify their culture and values.
3.    Find out what the employer is looking for in the right job applicant -go through the job description and understand it.
4.    Practice answering the Psychometric Tests to build your confidence-one can find these tests easily online by simply searching on the internet.
5.    Get yourself in a good physical and mental shape on the day of the test
6.    Plan and Keep time-most of these tests are timed 

Practice and researching ahead will give you a competitive edge over all the other applicants and remember the more tests you take the better you become and eventually end up getting that job. Have you taken the Fuzu Psychometric tests?


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    Uchenna | November 14, 2017 05:31

    Nice piece, psychometric tests almost made me go loco. Thanks for this Fuzu.

    Jackline | November 09, 2017 20:45

    Wow! this is quite interesting. Thanks for the information

    Ann | October 24, 2017 15:19

    I like that it is able to put me on the edge and am forced to think out of the box

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