Andela to hire 1000 developers in 2019

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The Andela Fellowship which is a full time employment opportunity is designed to develop developers to build on their skills, expertise and experience while working with global technology companies. 

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Are you passionate about technology? Do you dream of becoming an elite software developer? If so, Fuzu is reaching out with some exciting news! As part of our commitment to bringing you various opportunities to help you build an enriching career, we have partnered with Andela to bring you the Andela Fellowship.

The Andela Fellowship is a full-time employment opportunity designed for talented and high-potential individuals to help build skills required to work as a world class software developer on a global scale. 

We seek out exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to unlocking their full potential.

Through four years of intensive learning and real work experience, you’ll master the professional and technical skills you need to succeed as a software developer with the world’s top engineering teams.

You bring a relentless desire to learn and level up. We provide access to resources, mentorship, and a community of passionate software developers to support you at every step of your journey.


Stage 1: Online Application
Fill out the application form on this page:

Stage 2: Technical Assessment
Once you submit your application, you’ll be directed to study the modules on our Home Study Curriculum for software development and team skills. This is required to complete a technical assessment that will evaluate your knowledge of the content you’ve learned. No prior coding experience is required.  Link for the home study is

Stage 3: In-Person Interview
Based on your application and technical assessment, you may be invited to a panel of interviews made up of staff members and developers at an Andela office.

Stage 4: Attend a Bootcamp
Successful candidates are invited to participate in a two-week, simulated development sprint led by senior Andela developers. The two weeks is comprised of one week of home-based self-learning, and one week of product development on-site at an Andela campus. You’ll be expected to learn independently as well as on a team to deliver a final project. We’re looking for work ethic, passion, and teamwork.

Stage 5: Become an Andelan
The highest performing participants are accepted into Andela’s four-year Fellowship Program. Over the course of four years, you’ll be immersed in intensive learning alongside some of Africa’s most brilliant minds. You’ll amass real work experience as part of global engineering teams. You’ll emerge a professional who is capable of transforming the world through leadership and technology.

For inquiries, or unanswered questions, please send an email to [email protected]

Application Deadline: February 15th, 2019

Don’t forget to share this message with your friends and family so that they too can benefit from this partnership. Also, keep checking your emails for more exciting partnerships and opportunities from us!

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    Akello | August 20, 2019 06:43

    i am very happy to join the andela fellowship, thank you.

    MAJID | August 06, 2019 07:46


    lubaale | February 22, 2019 19:59


    Odeke | February 16, 2019 16:15

    I will be ready to join . Thanks fuzu

    Teddy | February 11, 2019 14:43

    Thanks so much am ready thanx fuzu

    SSEKYANZI | February 06, 2019 09:34

    thanks fuzu for helping people for getting several skills

    Alingu | February 04, 2019 11:40

    thanx for the opportunity God bless u willing to join Andela

    Chemutai | February 04, 2019 11:06

    Gud work done

    Edith | February 04, 2019 09:00

    It is going to be a blessing when I become part of Andela

    Kulyanyingi | February 04, 2019 06:53

    Thanks fuzu. cant wait to apply. so how do i apply??


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:34

    Hi Kulyanyingi, you can submit your application by clicking 'Apply today by clicking here' on the article.

    Obore | February 04, 2019 06:18

    Great opportunity,thanks fuzu | February 03, 2019 20:03

    I love be with you guys | February 03, 2019 20:01

    Love to be with you guys

    Erone | February 03, 2019 11:04

    I have been yawning for this its like a dream come true am ready to join 256771811307 Is my number email:[email protected] thank you


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:35

    Hi Erone, the application for Andela Fellowship is online so kindly submit your application by clicking 'Apply today by clicking here' on the article.

    Emitu | February 03, 2019 08:46

    Thanks a lot for this chance,but some details so that i can apply plis

    Ssekabira | February 03, 2019 06:45

    i will be glad to join

    muhangi | February 03, 2019 06:05

    Its very great to join such and it will be good if you can add me

    MUSOBOZI | February 02, 2019 16:47

    Big thanks to Fuzu, only waiting for application procedure and I be there. Waiting for your response.

    Paul | February 02, 2019 14:33

    Is andela hiring social workers,engineers or what.I w'd lyk 2 know such that I can prepare 4 what to do with this new and unique organisation. Thanks.

    nayebare | February 02, 2019 12:46

    so interesting

    Bigadya | February 02, 2019 11:58

    I will be glad to join you guys

    Njiya | February 02, 2019 09:10

    Do i need to be knowledgeable about a computer or u gonna train me and what's the cost,and how do i apply. Thank.


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:38

    Hi Njiya, Andela Fellowship does not charge any fee, but you need to demonstrate interest in technology. You can submit your application by clicking 'Apply today by clicking here' on the article.

    onyait | February 02, 2019 09:05

    i wish you could even give us any link of andela so as we can find more detail in the their web site. on the mode of application and so on. jacob

    Gerald | February 01, 2019 21:28


    Nsamba | February 01, 2019 20:24

    Thanks lots for this chance

    Joan | February 01, 2019 20:14

    more clarification please; is it a job opportunity or study program.

    Tumusabe | February 01, 2019 19:06

    Thanks fuzu for this opportunity

    Tumusabe | February 01, 2019 19:05

    Thanks guys for this opportunity

    Obaya | February 01, 2019 18:35


    Nangobi | February 01, 2019 18:04

    But I would like to know more information about Andela because I am not certain whether your looking for workers or trainers and is this for free or am meant to pay training tuition.


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:41

    Hi Nangobi, Andela Fellowship is absolutely free and it's a full time employment opportunity.

    Nangobi | February 01, 2019 18:00

    I will be glad if am given this opportunity. Am interested and I would like to work with u. Thanks

    Ibrahim | February 01, 2019 17:58

    How do I apply. Thanks.

    MULINDWA | February 01, 2019 17:27

    thanks Fuzu to be with us everyday

    Abili | February 01, 2019 16:59

    Most of us here are confused. I tell you I was like that at first but, let me throw more light here Most of you are asking about andela training if it's free or paid. Everything is free, as long as u have passion for technology and u have been waiting for a chance to do it. Here it has come right to your door steps Andela teaches you tech skill, leadership skills and in this process you are working with experienced software developers around the globe and the biggest companies, solving real life problems. Fun part is you'll be learning same time earning. So at andela you bring work ethic, passion they get you the skills u require Visit for more information I might not explain better that this site so pliz check it out. And don't forget to tell a friend, let build Africa one line of code at a time thanks

    James | February 01, 2019 16:30

    Hi fuzz am James Adaku am glad for andela software developer but tell me how can I learn and where?. Thanks

    KUNIHIRA | February 01, 2019 15:56

    I would like to know about the physical address

    SHARON | February 01, 2019 15:12

    so how do i go about that? Is it like an online course, an employment Opportunity or failed to understand. but i like the idea


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:40

    Hi Sharon, Andela Fellowship is a full time employment opportunity.

    Rukundo | February 01, 2019 14:43

    Thx if I be one

    Amina | February 01, 2019 14:11

    Thanks fuzu but I don't understand wether andela is a job opportunity or study opportunity n whatever it may how do I apply. More clarification on this please.


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:33

    Hi Amina, Andela is a full time employment opportunity.

    NAKABIRI | February 01, 2019 13:19

    Thanks for the opportunity. However i need clarity on the following: . is Andela training for free ? .If yes, does it employ after training or on job training? .If no, is the training online and does it consider part timers?


    Abili | February 01, 2019 16:47

    Training is free. For more details please visit all your questions plus those uve not asked will be answered there just take time and read the infort on that website

    Mucunguzi | February 01, 2019 12:07

    I will be happy to be among

    Acheng lydia | February 01, 2019 11:00

    Am interested in working you people but I don't understand well, are you employing me for a job or to study?? Which is which according to what I have just read?? Is Andela an institution where you pay tuion fee or an organisation for employment opportunities?? Highlight me on that please am very sorry for my weired questions but I need to know before I start off with you. Than you.


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:32

    Hi Lydia, Andela Fellowship is a full time employment opportunity and you do not have to pay any fee to participate as a Fellow.

    Amuria | February 01, 2019 10:44

    Nice day

    Jeans | February 01, 2019 10:34

    How do i apply

    mwaini | February 01, 2019 10:02

    Your comments,it is a very good program but how do you apply it. thanks


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:31

    Hi Mwaini, you can submit your application by clicking 'Apply today by clicking here' on the article.

    namusubo | February 01, 2019 09:33

    thanks so much for the opportunity. is it an online course and how about payments


    Abili | February 01, 2019 16:51

    All I can say it's free everything is free. But visit for more clarification u'll won't regret your time Thanks


    Fuzu | February 04, 2019 14:29

    Hi Namusubo, Andela Fellowship not an online course but rather a full time employment opportunity.

    Phoebe | February 01, 2019 09:26

    i will be glad to join andela, thanx fuzu for this opportunity.

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