Anti-crisis plan: life after COVID-19

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There is no doubt that the uncertainty during a crisis shapes the way we think, and the way we view things, for the better. 

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The streets used to be lit up with excitement and packed with people searching for better opportunities – education and jobs, not to mention the love for art and how artistic gatherings plays a pivotal role as get togethers for friends.

Friday evenings were ideal for hanging out at favorite coffee or fast-food joints. However, that has changed. We are living in a new reality where we have little control of tomorrow. Safety is the priority. That is how the year 2020 has been. It has been an absurd year: resolutions forgotten if not abandoned, because if there is one thing that everyone is striving to do right now, is to survive.

Even so, as we venture into the new normal, we can’t help but wonder - how is life after Covid-19 going shape up? What have we learnt during the pandemic that can help us transition smoothly into life after COVID-19?

1. We have developed a new mindset

There is no doubt that the uncertainty during a crisis shapes the way we think, and the way we view things, for the better. At first, it hits us with shock, but slowly as we readjust and come to terms with new realities, our minds also shifts, and within we start planning of ways to get through the crisis, or tackle another crisis just in case. The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted our response and crisis management, and the valuable lessons learnt from this period will trickle down to how we manage crisis in our workplace, or a family set up.

2. New opportunities in the post Covid world

When the pandemic hit, some jobs were lost, and the economy shrunk. However, some industries adapted and took advantage of the crisis. Take for instance increasing numbers of opportunities in delivery and telemedicine services. Good thing is that the economy will revamp soon, and more opportunities will arise. During the lock down, many businesses have seen the need to higher IT experts to help establish a virtual presence since businesses are to be run remotely. Read on the most on-demand jobs post Covid-19.

Job seekers with complete profiles have a higher chance of getting noticed by employers. You have a great opportunity to improve your skills, work on your CV and complete your profile.

3. Companies to rethink about the welfare of their employees

It has always been said that you only know your true friends when a crisis hit you.

Some employees, who went on an unpaid leave during the pandemic, are wondering whether their employer is the right person to work for or whether they should look for another employer. While employers have no control over such occurrences, they need to come up with a strategy to take care of their employees if there was to ever be another crisis. It could be an organizational crisis. Employees would feel good to know that they have employers who got their back, and vice versa.

A crisis is a process of transformation, where change is needed, since the old systems cannot be sustained anymore. In the aftermath of this pandemic, we will be stronger and sharper than the way we came in.

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