“Because nothing beats a happy customer!” Ian Oscar, Customer Success Specialist, Fuzu. 

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Be your customer’s advocate and always do what’s best for their business, for their projects and for their goals.

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Personality of the week: Ian Oscar, Customer Success Specialist, Fuzu. 


You’ll probably draw a blank when I say Customer Success or maybe think I meant to say Customer Service. But did you know despite the two having similar names and overlapping in some ways, they are different and require distinct mindsets and playbooks to succeed? While Customer Service and Customer Success complement each other, Customer Success plays a critical role as the growth engine. 

We spoke to Ian Oscar, a Customer Success Specialist at Fuzu about his role, how he has embraced this concept and why empowering and keeping our clients happy is a personal affair to him. 

Kindly explain to us what Customer Success entails. 

The definition is simple, but the implementation is another story. 

Let me break it down for you, “Customer Success” is when your customer achieves their desired outcome through their interactions with your company or product (Fuzu). The concept of Customer success was necessitated by the birth of the subscription economy, the complexity of the products and constant product updates made it difficult for the end-users to use all the product features and get their desired outcomes. 

A customer success journey entails, onboarding, running training sessions, check on the account’s health, answer user questions and troubleshoot the platform before escalating the issues raised to the product team. 

Looking back, what was the turning point where you ‘had to join pursue CS’? 

I knew about customer success while working as an intern at Fuzu and this was after two candidates failed to show up on their reporting date for the job. I was then given a week to research on it and present my findings to our leadership team and as they say it, the rest is history. 

The success of your role hugely depends on building personal relationships. Personality wise, what would you say makes you good at your role?

My extroverted nature helps me to focus more on the clients’ needs and responsiveness to their requests which helps in building a relationship around trust and reliability.  

What goes into preparing for a client’s training? 

A great relationship between the Fuzu sales team and the customer success team is a prerequisite to the success of our clients. 

Each client’s needs are unique and it begins a thorough understanding of the client’s needs as shared by the sales team. This is crucial in building a customer’s journey that not only guarantees the achievement of the client's desired outcomes but also great customer experience. 

What kind of experience do you usually want our clients to get? 

With the help of the Fuzu team we strive to offer an exceptional, value adding experience that consistently ensures the sustainability and continuity of a client’s business by availing the top talent in the market at their doorstep.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of the job? 

I love receiving those thank-you messages. It assures me that I’ve helped the client and I feel satisfied with my work. I also feel powered up to work with the client and help them achieve more with our product. It’s a great feeling to be appreciated for the work I do. 

You overcome a myriad of challenges to keep our customers happy and successful. From an expert’s point of view, briefly highlight how you navigate through the following scenarios. 

A) The angry client (calls or emails to vent). 

When I have a customer with an issue, I immediately respond to them even though I don’t have a solution ready. This way the client knows that they are being taken care of. Then, as I work on the issue, I send them updates and estimated time of solving the problem.

B) Client with unrealistic expectations 

We get those a lot but the most important thing to do is to review the request and communicate to the client how soon it can be done. In very rare occasions, we might need the client to assign a new contract for the service to be delivered.

C. The ghosting client (liked the product but suddenly went quiet or doesn’t want to renew a contract).  

As we scale, it is a bitter reality that some of our clients will churn based on internal or external factors to Fuzu. However, we strive to replicate the success across the board. 

As the CS team, what is your guiding principle?  

Be your customer’s advocate and always do what’s best for their business, for their projects and for their goals.

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    Eliud | February 16, 2020 11:07

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    Newton | December 26, 2019 06:12

    Hillarious,Been here for years now but am still confused on how i can get to my career job. Done certificate in journalism and mass media Advanced to Diploma in journalism and mass media and now pursuing Barchelor of arts in mass media.Fuzu kindly help me get even a volunteer job i am ready to work and get some experience

    Gilbert | December 17, 2019 13:54

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    How do i get a job despite redoing my CV by an expert?

    Anthony | November 07, 2019 03:45

    U r such a amazing.

    Agasha | November 07, 2019 03:43

    Sofar so good

    John | November 07, 2019 03:39

    This is great

    Rosemary | November 07, 2019 03:36


    Simon | November 07, 2019 03:35

    Thanks a lot ian

    MARIA | November 07, 2019 03:31

    This z probably the best

    Byaruhanga | November 07, 2019 03:30

    My colleagues have benefited too much from fuzu

    Isaac | November 07, 2019 03:18


    Margaret | November 07, 2019 03:18


    IRENE | November 07, 2019 03:17

    Its amazing

    NICHOLAS | November 07, 2019 03:17

    Wise advice and powerful encouragements. You have really inspired me

    HAJARA | November 07, 2019 03:04

    Awesome thanks for your help. I love the Fuzu experience.

    Felloh | November 07, 2019 02:34

    Thanks, but at times be like developed countrys just look what we can do than the papers (talent/gift to suit the job)

    PETER | November 07, 2019 02:30


    Alice | November 05, 2019 18:06


    Fredrick | November 04, 2019 18:28

    You are amazing and so encouraging to our young Kenyans who are searching for employment

    Clintone | November 04, 2019 17:45

    I found it interesting here

    Nicholas | November 04, 2019 11:44

    I really like your encouragement so how can i sent my driving cv through fuzu?

    Kasule | November 03, 2019 12:04

    Thanks for the endeavors you guys re doing so as to help us get to know the current and available jobs however u need to start organizing some seminars for job seekers so that we learn how to answer interview questions


    MARGARET | November 07, 2019 09:51

    I conquer with you that's a necessity right now because many youths have the qualifications but the manner in which they answer some of the questions there is a need of a tutor.

    Kitone | November 02, 2019 19:40

    I really love the expression and the highest desire for customer satisfaction,keep going

    Ronoh | November 02, 2019 16:16

    Oscar my friend how can I improve my CV and gain jobs within my qualification

    CHRISS CHIROMO | November 02, 2019 00:34


    Nabagereka sharon sherinah | November 01, 2019 09:49

    iam new here but am in love with fuzu


    Agasha | November 07, 2019 03:42

    Tnx very much Mr lan for gud customer care

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