Becoming the smartest job seeker, like Mark.

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Mark’s story inspired us to develop something that will practically change how you look and apply for opportunities you are interested in.

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You and Mark have probably walked down the same road. If not, you’ll definitely relate to his job search experience – applied for more than a dozen jobs, called employers desperately but never received any feedback. Can you say that all that effort has paid off? Have you learned something so that you can improve your chances of being successful the next time you apply?

At some point Mark realised he was not going anywhere - that he was either doing something wrong, or the system was flawed. Being a problem solver, he decided to put his analytical skills into play and discovered the following traits among successful candidates:

  1. Successful job seekers are not successful by coincidence or luck. They gradually and consistently improve their chances with every job application.

  2. Successful job seekers don’t shoot in the dark; they have a well-defined goal and before sending an application they assess if a job is a good fit for them and if they stand a realistic chance for it.

  3. Successful job seekers know themselves - their strengths, what skills they need to develop and they know what roles and industry suits them.

  4. Successful job seekers have a plan; they carefully cultivate their skillset, study the employer and the industry, and take time to prepare for an interview.

And what can we say – Mark picked up these traits and is happily employed today! Mark’s story inspired us to develop something that will practically change how you look and apply for opportunities you are interested in.

We hate to leave you with a cliffhanger but it’s coming soon and It’s going to be exciting - stay tuned! Follow our social media pages to track this exciting news.

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    ELUNGAT | February 08, 2020 05:02

    Absolutely outstanding work,advice and more.... Great job Mr.Juzi and co

    Alinafe | February 03, 2020 12:34

    This is greatly appreciated!!!!!!

    shadreck | February 02, 2020 07:56


    Daniel | February 01, 2020 10:10

    Thanks for giving hope to the young job seekers

    William chipeta | January 29, 2020 05:45

    I need to update my CV first though thanks for sharing

    CHERUTO | January 28, 2020 19:17

    Thanks fuzu for giving youths direction to job opportunities

    Kuach | January 28, 2020 05:38

    Thanks a lot! Thisis what we need from u


    Fuzu | January 28, 2020 08:50

    We've got you Kuach!

    Wambui | January 27, 2020 06:59


    Abednego | January 24, 2020 10:31

    Good work, however, with time I learned that applying for jobs with limited network guarantees minimal chances of getting a job. you need to be known out there by various professionals, employers and other individuals to stand a chance. nowadays jobs are rolled to the network before getting advertised.


    Fuzu | January 28, 2020 08:31

    Hi Abednogo, fortunately that's not the case here. On Fuzu applicants are ranked based on merit.

    Michaelz | January 24, 2020 09:58

    So grt

    Nyabuti | January 24, 2020 07:52

    Fuzu you are doing great work am thankful

    janet | January 23, 2020 14:53

    absolutely amazing,thanks

    odeke | January 22, 2020 21:32

    CVS require frequent update guzzies

    Margaret | January 18, 2020 12:53

    Fuzu you've done an amazing job and enabling youth to seek their point of interest

    erick | January 17, 2020 16:40

    Good work

    erick | January 17, 2020 16:39

    Hope to hear from you

    Hilda | January 17, 2020 05:53

    God bless

    Philo | January 16, 2020 20:59

    Very good

    Albunus nyamasyo musyoki | January 16, 2020 19:12

    Jesus!! thanks... So nice to me..hardworking person

    Preston | January 16, 2020 09:58

    Thank you for this blog "In short be consistent we every job application you send and have a well defined goal of the job you want, continuously keep improving your skills then study the employer and the industry, and take time to prepare for an interview."

    Daniel | January 16, 2020 08:00

    i want to update my cv but am not able

    John | January 15, 2020 20:49

    Cliffhanger?? Please,... the blog barely started

    BENJAMIN | January 15, 2020 20:25


    cebsile | January 15, 2020 19:52

    Your comments I'm inspired to improve my CV each time I apply for a job.

    JOEL | January 15, 2020 14:52

    Your comments👍

    JOEL | January 15, 2020 14:51

    l love the kind of job you are doing May God bless you

    Brenda | January 15, 2020 04:38

    OMG that's amazing

    Peter | January 14, 2020 19:01

    Proud to be part of you


    Kevin | February 03, 2020 03:05

    Hae chef, where do u work

    James | January 14, 2020 14:44


    Ekia | January 14, 2020 02:39

    Many thanks to adimin ......

    jimmy | January 13, 2020 17:24


    Maxwell | January 13, 2020 15:23

    kwanza mimi ni mweusi niaza nakazi ya sto kip nikafanya miaka mbili.niakacha nika ajiriwa nakambuni ya kugonga mawe ni kafanya miaka tano na nusu. Nikawacha tena nikaingilia kazi ya kupaka rangi hadi sasa ningali nafanya hiyo kazi.

    Fatma | January 13, 2020 14:03


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