Benefits Of Hiring Fresh Graduates Over Experienced Pros

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The job market is a very tough place for any fresh graduate. There is so much talent and new energy from them but little or no jobs. Still, we believe that hiring graduates has plenty of advantages. 

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While some hiring managers might have some doubt when it comes to hiring fresh graduates over experienced professionals, there are definitely certain benefits that fresh graduates bring to any organization.

The job market is a very tough place for any fresh graduate. There is so much talent and new energy from them but little or no jobs. Still, we believe that hiring graduates has plenty of advantages. Here’s why it’s important for organizations to hire fresh graduates.

1. Fresh Perspective

Often, businesses need a new outlook, ideas and angle. While experienced pros can offer good input, their perspective might be purely based on their own generation. On the other hand, fresh graduates can come up with innovative ideas of doing things that cut across as they haven’t gotten too much exposure into the corporate world that can hinder their innovativeness. For instance, your company wants to launch a new product that isn’t age bound. Fresh graduates can give insights and ideas on how to go about it and make it relatable to people of all ages. Experienced pros might either want to maintain how things are done or offer little improvements to the entire process.

2. Tech-savvy and at par with the latest technology

Without a doubt, one advantage of hiring fresh graduates is found in their prowess to navigate through innovative technology across multiple devices. A substantial chunk of those currently in the workforce began their career before computers became a thing in the office. As such, the older and more experienced generation lack in the ability to easily navigate applications and computer processes that are key in today’s business world. Born and raised in an era where there is a high dependency on computer innovation, it’s easier for fresh graduates to learn all computer applications that most businesses require.

3. Reasonable when it comes to salaries

Let us be honest here for a minute; hiring an experienced pro will cost you more than hiring a fresh graduate. Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that graduates deserve to be paid less. No. Since they are eager and have so much energy but no experience, they are willing to come on board and get the much-needed experience that will enable them to rise up the corporate ladder. Experienced pros have been there, done that and their next move always involves an increase in their salary.

4. Continuous learning

Unless a fresh graduate is comfortable in a job they just recently got, they will always have a burning drive in them to learn and come up with the latest ways of doing stuff. They carry out their tasks wholeheartedly and are keen on showing their supervisors that they are up to the task. They easily adapt to any corporate culture and are never shy about asking questions when they have no idea how to handle certain aspects of the business.

Although some hiring managers undermine fresh graduates, they have a lot more to offer and even teach the older generation in the workplace. Additionally, they should not be viewed as a threat – of course, they are – at the workplace by older generations. What is your take when it comes to hiring fresh graduates? 

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    Paulah | October 12, 2017 08:55

    Hiring fresh graduates is one of the best recruitment investment a company can make.In addition to the points given above, the young graduates don't have hung ups and boundaries that older people have. They are willing to learn, take risks, challenge. Above all they laugh at themselves when they make a mistake. They also provide a good talent pipeline for a company especially if their graduate programme involved rotations to different departments where they were allowed to learn different aspects of the business.

    Cheruyot | October 11, 2017 20:43


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