Biochemist turned Business Development Executive

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I believe consistency in self-learning and practice is what perfects expertise and makes one professional different from the other.

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Christine Ngatia, a graduate of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, always had an interest in the chemistry of the human body and all matters regarding medical research. After graduating with honours, she was set to start out her career in Biochemistry but unfortunately, she never got any positive feedback from any of the applications she made in that field. 

A career in corporate sales was the last thing on her mind at the time but after sitting at home for over 3 months, she decided to be more flexible and open-minded and try out other career options. This is a relatable story for most graduates. During this time, Christine stumbled upon the Skills2Grow Program and decided to give it a try. She joined the program a month later and has since had a smooth transition into Business Development.

“The program’s unique approach to learning and development helped me envision myself as a Business Developer. I got to learn so much within a short period of time. This has truly impacted the way I do things as a professional. I can now confidently say I have structure around how I do my work.”

After the training, Christine went on to be placed within the Business Development Department at Yusudi and has been working with Yusudi for 8 months now. She has had remarkable results in her work, having contributed to over Kshs. 400,000 in revenue for the company. 

“If I had to do anything differently, I would instill a self-learning culture in myself while still at the university. This is because there is so much to learn and so many available resources that support learning. I believe consistency in self-learning and practice is what perfects expertise and makes one professional different from the other.”

Making a career transition can be a bit scary, especially since you’re stepping into the unknown. However, with the right guidance in terms of coaching and training, you’re bound to make a smooth transition and thrive in your new space. 

Are you considering to make a career change?

The Skills2Grow program is open to young people from different backgrounds of study. The program is designed to change your mindset, behaviour and influence your working culture. Yusudi is on the hunt for 10 proactive, dynamic and self-driven individuals to join their January cohort. Apply here  to be considered. 


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