BONGA: speak to a professional counsellor anonymously.

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Bonga hopes to de-stigmatize mental health disorders and stir up conversations that help offer some reprieve for those who need it.

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Bonga is a Capital Group initiative purposed to help people open up and be more honest about their mental well-being. According to reports The World Health Organization (WHO) Annual Report (2017), ranks Kenya as sixth among African countries with highest rates of depression (at 1.9 million cases). Interestingly, the Ministry of Health reveals that it is hard to extract clear records of the number of people affected by the different forms of depression (in Kenya) because many people do not seek help and simply conceal their condition2.

The platform is a safe space where users can share their feelings anonymously without fear of judgement and empathize with others going through stress and mental conditions like depression, anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder.

The platform is not a final solution, and when possible, we urge users to seek professional counselling. Since inception, the platform targets users who need a place to vent or express themselves. Often users share the matters that trouble them most, big or small with issues ranging from familial relationships, workplace scenarios and other personal struggles being shared.

How to access Bonga

Bonga is free to use and is easily accessible via the web. There is no limit to the number of times one can access the site to share their feelings. Also, worth noting is the fact that the site also offers licensed mental health practitioners the ability to offer help to those who need it.

The Capital FM initiative integrates various partners, volunteers and professionals to provide a way to have them respond directly to comments posted on Bonga. To register, counsellors and psychologists are encouraged to sign up here to be part of the team of professionals offering their services at no charge, offering a helping hand to those battling with their mental health.

Bonga hopes to de-stigmatize mental health disorders and stir up conversations that help offer some reprieve for those who need it.


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    Dickens | June 19, 2020 17:48

    Very great but it should be shared to other sites

    ADELAIDE | May 28, 2020 04:48

    Brilliant and amazing initiative for work done

    Jesrov | May 21, 2020 06:14

    Covid - 19 is here to stay the sooner we realize that the better for all of us and will in turn help us adapt to to new lifestyles as we go about our work as normal.

    Sharon | May 04, 2020 14:14

    I wish there was a possibility of sharing it to other sites and not just Facebook.

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    Clement luhanga | July 03, 2020 20:15

    Yes indeed it would be good.

    Benedict | May 04, 2020 09:34

    a great initiative indeed

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