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You are not alone. And you don’t have to suffer in silence.

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Are you a business leader and worried about your employees? Is your team struggling with the new normal? Do you want to find ways to support your team and help them maintain their productivity? You are also not alone. Many employers, including us at Fuzu face the same challenges. 

Either as an individual or as an employer, you can access online professional counselling services anonymously. One of the members of our Fuzu family - Wazi - has stepped in to take care of your mental health in light of the psychological effects caused by the COVID-19 situation. 

Wazi is a fast-growing company that provides counselling services and connects people with local mental health resources digitally, anonymously and conveniently. The therapists are certified counsellors from diverse backgrounds therefore making it easy to understand where you may be coming from. The anonymity of the service ensures you have safe space to express yourself freely. We speak from experience - Wazi has helped many Fuzu team members through tough times!

How to access Wazi services

The anonymity of the service ensures you have safe space to express yourself freely. Schedule a session with Wazi’s counsellors through Facebook Messenger and Telegram and get support. A one-hour session costs Ksh 2,000. You can purchase it for yourself or gift it to someone else who needs it. Or you can ask your question from a professional counsellor for free as part of our Ask Me Anything series here.  

Employers who wish to book sessions for their employees can get in touch with Wazi at [email protected] This comes with a lot of flexibility for employers since Wazi will invoice your company at the end of each month for the number of digital sessions used by the employees. A limit on the maximum number of sessions per employee is set beforehand.  Get in touch with Wazi.


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