Building a relationship with your mentor

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Mentorship is a professional relationship in which an experienced person assists another in developing specific skills. 

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The world is constantly evolving, it is vital for us to be flexible and quickly adapt to these changes. One way of gaining skills is through mentorship. To whoever much is given much is expected so in a nutshell, mentorship is a professional relationship in which an experienced person assists another in developing specific skills. 

How can you as a mentee get the most out of this relationship?

  • Take Action

You must perform your tasks to the best of your ability. Your mentor cannot do your work for you; he or she is there to provide guidance. Practice makes perfect, hence you need to put the newly gained skills into action.

  • Ask Questions 

 Curiosity should be your driving force. Ask questions that lead to discussions. This will give you a great insight into how to go about your day to day activities.

  • Don't be afraid to disagree

You don't have to agree with everything your mentor says. Disagreeing will lead to further discussions and exploring new ideas.

  • Be clear on your needs

You should have an end goal on the mentorship. Communicate with your mentor exactly what you want to get out of the relationship. Setting goals helps you advance and stay on track.

  • Be committed

A mentor-mentee relationship can be a very long term commitment. Go in with a long haul mentality and commit to putting in the work.The following are also the expectations of a mentor:

  • Provide open and honest feedback to the mentee
  • When assistance is needed by the mentee he or she should provide advice 
  • The mentor should contact the mentee if he or she is unable to make it to the meeting on time.
  • Help the mentee in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and find which skills they are good at.
  • Through one on one meeting, the mentor can know the mentee's expectations and through that, he or she can set goals for the mentee.
  • You can find detailed information on mentorship in the link below

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    Tusiime | September 08, 2019 06:35

    thank you very educative

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    nice and educative

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