Can This Horror Movie Teach You Career Lessons? Yes It Can.

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The movie Get Out was one of the biggest phenomenons of 2017 and recently won an Oscar. As strange as it seems, this horror movie has some gems for you as you build your career.

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"No, no, no, no, no."

If you know that line without the meme, then you've probably watched the Oscar winning movie Get Out. Don't worry if you haven't - this article is purely spoiler free. The 2017 movie was the movie that should never have been a success but beat all expectations. Made on only a budget of $4.5 million it went on to gross $255 million worldwide. The movie itself is a masterpiece of our time and there are two great leassons you can learn from this amazing movie.

Amazing takes time

A restaurant I used to love going to had this little disclaimer on their menu - "If you want it fast, it won't be good. If you want it good, it won't be fast. Good food takes time." Get Out was years in the making before it ever even started being filmed. Creator Jordan Peele worked on the script over years as something of a hobby until it was finally good enough to be turned into a movie for the big screen. Patience is one of the biggest virtues when you're job searching because it helps prepare. In the time before your big moment i.e. getting the job, you spend hours working on yourself making sure that you're the very best when you eventually step into that office. And note, down time doesn't mean not putting in the work. Just like Jordan Peele spent time writing Get Out in the evenings after his other job, so should you spend your free time growing your skills and setting amazing goals for yourself.

Always have a sounding board

Making a movie always takes a large group of people to make it come to life. Key of those are the people who help you edit and rewrite it and that's what happened on Get Out. It was put together with ideas from many different and unlikely places to help the writer finally produce the movie as we know it today. We don't always have all the answers and sounding boards are important. People who you can talk to about your ideas to help you make more sense of them. On Fuzu, your sounding board is a career coach. Your ever guiding force when you're thinking of making a career switch, starting out your job search or simply just getting career advice.

Now,  get back to building that dream career!

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