Career Killing Habits That Should Be Left Behind In 2019

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2020 presents the chance for you to move forward at your workplace but only if you think about stopping these three habits.

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Do you feel like you are stuck in your career? That you did not advance as much in your job in 2019 as you should have? Does it feel that you were overlooked and ignored when it came time for important projects, promotions or a salary raise?

You could be responsible for this situation because of practicing any of these three career killing moves that you would do well to leave behind in 2019.

Not promoting yourself or your work

Your work is good, you know this but if no one else recognizes this, it will not help you in your career advancement, your reputation or making a case for a salary increase. You have to do everything possible to ensure your manager knows about your successes. For instance, tell your manager about the congratulations you got from a client who is hard to please, or that hole in the budget you managed to uncover and fix. Constantly speak about the things you have done that are beyond the normal work responsibilities you have.

Fearing change

You are constantly afraid to try new things at the workplace and instead want to continue doing things a certain way because this has always worked. Business today is changing too fast for people to hold on to old ways of working.  To be successful you have to promise yourself to adapt to and even start changes at the workplace in 2020. For instance, suggest a new type of team building activity or encourage people in your office to communicate differently. You don’t have to like change but you should try as much as possible to embrace and welcome it.

Being too defensive and arrogant

You do not like to be corrected because you believe that your successes mean you know everything there is to know about your role. Success is always good because it means you are doing your job well. However, you should always be open to receiving feedback. This can be perceived by some as arrogance. For instance, your co-worker tells you that the presentation you are supposed to give to a client has an unrealistic budget. Instead of listening and making the necessary changes, you brush them off because they are new to the company. This arrogance might lead your coworkers to avoid you. In time, you will find your manager is no longer interested in giving you suggestions on how to improve.

2020 presents the chance for you to move forward at your workplace but only if you think about stopping these three habits. It might require practice and take time, but you will be impressed by yourself eventually. career will thank you for it.


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