Celebrating the women at Fuzu; Sarah Nyambweke

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It’s so uplifting to see that women all over the world are banding together to speak up for their rights. The women’s march was a prime example of how much good can come out of women supporting each other.

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You probably don’t have to be reminded of the statistics about women in leadership positions. If you have to, it can be simply put as grim or wanting. However, there are plenty of women who have defied the odds and made it to the top.

Sarah Nyambweke, Digital Marketing Manager at Fuzu is one of those women. Maybe because she has stayed true to her slogan - Wake. Pray. Slay. She deserves to be celebrated this International Women’s Day. This soft-spoken woman is one that you pay attention to because when she speaks she drops nothing but nuggets of wisdom.

International women’s day is about celebrating strong women who lift each other up. Tell us about that one moment in your life that you were proud of yourself giving another woman a hand up.

My mantra has always been, ‘it’s the little things you do that matter’. So, I try and make people smile including women by saying thank you or handing them a compliment. Small things like those can change someone’s day from bad to good or good to better and uplift them.

How important is it for women to look out for each other and lift each other?

So important; now more than ever. I believe that the same thing a man can do today a woman can do it even better! It’s so uplifting to see that women all over the world are banding together to speak up for their rights. The women’s march was a prime example of how much good can come out of women supporting each other.

Which lady, dead or alive would you like meet and have a chat?

Oprah, Oprah and I say it again, Oprah! She’s the epitome of a woman who overcame all the obstacles to get where she is today, and she did it so gracefully too! For her to go from a talk show host to now running one of the largest and successful multimedia production companies in the world is so inspirational to me. To have a chance to sit down with her and pick her brain on all the facets of life will definitely be the cherry on the top of my bucket list.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing women in the modern workplace?

Women have to work twice as hard to get a seat at the table. From everything to do with the gender pay gap to having to maintain a work-life balance when you have a family. These are challenges that I believe will eventually be solved with reforms that countries are working to put in place.

It takes a lot to change careers, it even takes some people years of work for them to realize that’s not what they want to do. What made you take that leap from Finance to Digital Marketing?

I studied Finance in University but it’s by luck that I ended up in Digital Marketing. It all happened at my first job as an Administrative Intern. I had my hand in different departments and that’s where I started to realize that Digital Marketing was my passion and close to 5 years later, the rest is history.

Chocolate is a girls’ best friend. Which lady are you going to surprise with one today being International Women’s day? Or you are just going to treat yourself?

All the ladies in the office definitely deserve to get chocolates. Let me see what the accountant can do for us. 😊

Through your personal and professional experiences, what lessons have you learned as a woman that every woman should know about? What’s that message you’d hate not to share with fellow women on Women’s day?

Everything happens for a reason. I’ll quote my constant inspiration, Oprah, she says “we can’t become what we need to be by remaining who we are.” I live by this every day. Everything that happens to you whether positive or negative is there to help you grow or provide an opportunity for you to grow to whatever is the next level in your life’s journey. So take life by its horns and experience it to the fullest because your experiences are leading you to where you want to be.

You always leave our ribs hurting from laughing whenever we play charades, you must be the best actor in the office. What are your best memories at Fuzu?

Lol! Charades has to be one of my best memories because it’s only right for me to practice my future Meryl Streep acting skills. 😊

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