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Check out these jobs that have been trending across Fuzu this week.

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Area Manager, Kinangop – Tulaa 
Tulaa is revolutionizing the market place of small scale farmers in Africa by supporting them access easy credit services and making sales during harvest times. Tulaa is now recruiting Area Manager to support sales, credit and market linkage.
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Project Manager – First Community Bank 
First Community Bank is the first bank to be approved by Central Bank of Kenya offering Shari’ah compliant in Kenya. They are now looking to recruit a project manager who will be working on development, planning, coordination and execution of all business project.
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Back-end developer (ICT sector) – Incentro Africa 
Incentro Africa is a digital arena and Incentro Africa is working to prove that digital transformation is more than just IT. To ensure efficient ad reliable service delivery they are now recruiting a Back-end developer to design and develop web-based and mobile software solutions in collaboration with our Dutch colleagues for our clients in Nairobi and the Netherlands.
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Shop Inventory Co-Ordinator, Transnzoia – Pawame 
Pawame is lighting your world by transforming the lives of people in different communities by providing affordable and reliable energy access. Pawame operates any ware and is now hiring a Shop Inventory Coordinator for Tranzoia region. Are you interested in Inventory and Logistics management here is a chance for you.
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Software Consultants – Computer Pride 
Computer Pride Ltd is one of the leading computer firms that have a centre that is specialized in providing training services on Information Communication and Technology and are now looking to recruit a software consultant for their clients.
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Marketing Coordinator – Jijali 
Are you interested in marketing youth-related projects? Well, Jijali is looking for you. Jijali Programme is a virtual training and mentorship programme working on entrepreneurship and work readiness.
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Electrical Technician - Still & Tube Industries Limited
Still & Tube Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of steel products and is now looking to recruit an electrical technician to join their engineering department. Through safety precautions methods you will in supporting the electrical infrastructure of the company.
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Technical Advisor II - Institutional Development ICYD
Are you passionate about programme and project management? ICYPD is a programme made to address Uganda development in relation to child wellbeing, education, and youth development. 
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GPS Tracker Technician – Watu Credit Limited 
Do you have a good track record as with efficient know on GPS tracking devices? Well if you are, Watu Credit Limited us looking for you. You will ensure proper installation of tracking devices on company assets.
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Human Resource Officer – Samasource 
Samasource is a data-driven social enterprise working to solve big problems using artificial intelligence (AI). Samasource is now looking to recruit a human resource officer to run human resource functions in Uganda.
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Chief Technology Officer – The Innovations Village 
Join a proactive group of innovators and entrepreneur as chief technology officer to support in building an interconnected ecosystem of entrepreneurs, academia, private sector, government, investors and believers applying technology to solve the social-economic problems.
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Country Manager Uganda - LORI Systems 
LORI Systems is a logistics company revolutionizing the cargo transport network in Africa. In this year they’ve been awarded the Best Mobility Solution in Apps Africa Innovation Awards and are now looking to recruit a Country Manager in Uganda to oversee all the operation in need to build more reliable transportations network.
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