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Here are the most read stories this September. 

Mark Njihia: the self-taught Developer designing his dream career at Fuzu

Fuzu’s Front End Developer, Mark, shared with us the story of his career journey starting out as a self-taught Developer to become one of the most experienced Front-end Developer, Web and UX/UI Designer. 

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My growth story: realizing my true potential on Fuzu; Faith Nasaka.

Every now and then we get delighted to come across a member of the Fuzu community who’s had a great experience. But rarely do we come across someone who has knows how to take advantage of Fuzu and do more than just job hunting. Faith Nasaka, a Transport Excellence Associate at Lori Systems, shares tips on how you can get the best out of Fuzu. 

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How I got 6 internships in 2 years

Melissa, a Business Management student at the African Leadership University, shared her experience looking for internships, we know how tough it gets. Through her experience she discovered 3 key things that enabled her land 6 internships within two years which you should put in play. 

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Microsoft Interns4Afrika Internship Program

Microsoft has partnered with companies across Africa to offer a six-month internship programme. The programme is designed to equip fresh graduates with tech skills through virtual classes, online academies and real-world learning experiences. Are you a fresh graduate and would like to equip yourself with high-level skills that the current job market requires? If yes, be sure not to miss this chance. 

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Video: How to stay relevant in the job market.

What should you do to stay relevant in the job market? Elton Mutize, Transformation Coach & Founder- Paradigm, walked us through the process of understanding how and where we add value and developing mastery. 

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