Choosing employment could be your salvation

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It is more about realizing your own strengths and then maximizing on them to gain an advantage over your weaknesses.

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There is much talk about being self-employed and avoiding the pitfalls of employment. But do you know that employment is not as evil as is portrayed?

Being an entrepreneur is about satisfying a particular need that you have noted in your business niche. Owning a business or an enterprise is just one of the ways that this can be achieved. Employment is another and so is philanthropy.

Let's focus on employment. In order to succeed in employment, you have to be a good employee and that cannot be compromised. It is more about realizing your own strengths and then maximizing on them to gain an advantage over your weaknesses.

You may have realized that you are good at following instructions and committing your time and effort to something provided you do not have to think of the risks of it failing. As a business owner, your commitment and optimal performance might be tampered with due to the constant fear of your business not growing to keep up with the competition or not being able to meet its financial obligations. As an employee, this is the least of your worries and all you have to worry about is being the best you can be in your field. However, remember that both the business owner and employee will face similar challenges when handling other issues away from their field of work, such could be family issues.

The next myth we need to demystify is that of creating wealth. Many people think that you can't create any substantial wealth when in employment. The truth of the matter, this is a big lie. Wealth creation has nothing to do with employment, but it has everything to do with good financial discipline. Wealth can be created so long as you develop a good saving culture and a conscious investment behaviour. One good thing about employment in this regard is that you have guaranteed income that is constant to some extent, this can be planned for better by agreeing to check off systems with banks to help you save and invest. With business, this can be a bit of an uphill task because your income is never guaranteed.

The ultimate decision on whether to go for employment or entrepreneurship lies with you the individual. But your decision should be influenced by experience. 

Author bioGisera Matanda is a distinguished blogger that identifies himself as an educator who is passionate about entrepreneurial ventures and moulding of young professionals. Check out his works on Mwanabiashara


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    You will find

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    I want an employed self SOME WHERE

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    NAKITENDE | November 21, 2018 16:40

    this seems right. i hope for a good experienced when i get employed somewhere.

    Rose | November 21, 2018 09:36

    this take is open minded and true

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