Coping with Coronavirus anxiety, fear and uncertainty | Wazi Help Guide.

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Identify sources of the anxiety and their possible triggers. Avoid the triggers whenever possible.

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Coping with Coronavirus anxiety, fear and uncertainty | Wazi Help Guide.

What are some of the best practices when it comes to mental health during this period?

Mental health is not isolated from general health. Therefore, eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep (at least 7 hours) and get some physical exercise (something that can be done at home). Cognitive exercises including routine as well as games such as crossword puzzles help. Maintain a social support system through interaction within the available platforms while maintaining physical social distance.

When it comes to anxiety and extreme panic attacks, how best can I take care of myself?

Do you have a diagnosis for anxiety and/or panic disorder? If so, it's important that you keep in touch with your therapist or contact one at Wazi. If not, identify sources of the anxiety and their possible triggers. Avoid the triggers whenever possible. If/When a panic attack comes on, there are several relaxation techniques that you can use. One is deep breathing exercises (in through your nose out through your mouth). Counting the breaths backwards from 10 often helps. 

Cognitive imagery helps (go to a place of calmness and peace in your mind). 

I live alone, what is the best way to avoid depression if I will not be seeing anyone for some time now?

Depression is marked by a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and chronic low mood. It's important for you to engage in positive self talk to combat the feeling of hopelessness at this time as well as taking active responsibility in keeping yourself safe which will help combat the feeling of helplessness. Let's note that social distancing is not synonymous with social isolation. Keeping in touch with your friends and family using the different social platforms available is important as they provide the needed social support system. Try to as much as possible engage in activities of daily living such as eating, working, exercising, sleeping and socializing within the stipulated safety guidelines.


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    Viviesta | April 17, 2020 11:38

    Helping others is a good thing but it doesn't mean giving them what you personally can't afford,, it can be educating them on the importance of being self apart from the other that is distance to avoid contacts, especially now that we can't tell who is infected or not,,, when we follow the instructions given by authorities and even the physicians then we are protected!!

    OYIRWOTH | April 17, 2020 05:35

    yes it is a good idea.

    NICODEMUS | April 16, 2020 12:33

    I am here to offer professional help to relay anxiety if required as a psychologist

    chepkorir | April 09, 2020 10:16

    it is a good idea whereby we are helping each other to combat this challenge by encouraging social distancing, on balance diet to take more on green vegetables and frequent excercise. also to sensitize on signs and symptoms which includes;dry cough, sneezing, body pain, high fever, weakness and difficulty breathing and this will help them to protect themselves.

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