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Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying never gets physical. The most one can use against you is information. 

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The person on the other side of the screen does not see you in your sweatpants or shorts punching the key board hard, typing in caps as if you are putting across substantiated sense. He/ she sees a monster; harassment, torment and humiliation is what you make of his days. It is unfortunate that you are absorbed into that which you perceive to be ‘passing time’ oblivious to the power and effect of your actions on you victims emotional and psychological being. Technology i.e. mobile phones and computers are not to blame for cyber-harassment nor are the victims themselves but the opportunists who instead of using the internet for good are; taking advantage of the vulnerability due to the love and attachment to our devices.

How does one keep cyberbullies at bay? Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying never gets physical. The most one can use against you is information. The internet is a virtual public place with all kinds of people, some who love and hate you in equal measure. What you cannot say out loud in a room full of strangers should never go online especially considering that the internet never forgets. Disclosing sensitive or embarrassing can come bearing unforeseen consequences. Think through before you post.

Passwords are private, whether email or social media account. Best way to analogize this is think of your house, would you dish out copies of the spare key to just any friend or stranger? Security features exist online for a reason. Tech- savvy or not, you need to know how to make the most out of private settings. However, privacy settings may vary from site to site. This will enable to block anyone who poses a threat to your sense of self-worth. 

Responding to a cyberbully only stirs the pot since it is a reaction he/she looks for. Ignoring that person who lacks netiquette is the best you can do for yourself. If you must respond, do it thoughtfully not fast.

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