Develop these work habits if you want to be better and happier at your job

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Positivity allows you to see possibilities that you would have otherwise missed if you had embraced a gloomy attitude.

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At times, doing things the same way becomes mundane and monotonous. Those are the times when motivation starts dwindling and dropping because there is nothing exciting to look forward to. Without our knowledge we switch to “autopilot” mode. This is when our system gets used to doing things subconsciously like a robot.

However, to counter that, there are different things that you can do that can make your work more exciting and become something that you look forward to everyday. Here are some habits you should embrace to have a more fulfilled work experience:

1. Set goals 

When you are working towards something, it builds a sense of purpose. It gives you drive to work because there is a task that you need to accomplish. Set achievable goals for your work and go over and beyond what is expected of you. It builds morale and increases your efficiency. Growth will be inevitable and if you keep showing progress you might get promoted. Establish a self-reward system so that you can be motivated to set and achieve your goals better.

2. Manage your time well

Achieving your goals and good time management go hand in hand. You need to plan your day in time blocks and ensure that you stick to the plan faithfully. Effective time management helps you perform optimally and get more work done. Good time management helps you organize your thoughts and tasks. You will therefore not have overlapping tasks and as a result revolve around the same issues with no forward movement.

When you plan and manage your time well, it saves up time to do extra things that you love doing. It also helps you reduce your workload significantly. All you need to do is employ time blocking. Time blocking is where you set a task to a specific amount of time and you stick to that task without paying attention to distractions.

3. Embrace positivity

Always be optimistic in life. It is called the glass half full kind of mentality. While we do experience challenges and bumps along the way maintaining a positive attitude will carry you through those unpleasant times. Positivity allows you to see possibilities that you would have otherwise missed if you had embraced a gloomy attitude.

4. Be honest with yourself

Honesty with self is very paramount. This means owning up to past mistakes and accepting responsibility for things you might have done wrong. Also appreciate that as a human being you have limits. There are things that you can’t do or manage. On the flip side, acknowledge your strengths and passions. Leverage on them so that you can accomplish more desired outcomes.

5. Appreciate

Learn to say thank you for even the tiniest of things. Thank your colleagues for standing in for you when you were not feeling well. Be thankful to the office support staff which ensures that your desks and offices are clean and they do so regularly.

In the same vein, also appreciate yourself when you make progress or you achieve something small. It can be as little as taking 30 minutes to accomplish a certain task while previously you would take an hour and a half.

How do you motivate yourself at work? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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    Morsal | October 28, 2020 13:57

    Thanks I have agreed to do the same thing with you

    balidawa | October 28, 2020 09:24

    Character assassination: self & others

    Anthony | September 29, 2020 08:10

    Honesty is the key, many of us have been challenged for not being honest. No human can handle everything at a go and with ease. Let's accept our human weakness and tell the truth of yourself. The truth will always set you free when you get to know the lies that ties you.

    Stephen | September 25, 2020 09:07

    well said

    vicent | September 24, 2020 18:11


    castro | September 24, 2020 17:09

    This is helpful, I will internalize setting achievable goals, positivity and time blocking

    Paul | September 24, 2020 16:52

    having a positive attitude and managing time well will definitely make you achieve your goals

    Gachiri | September 24, 2020 13:45

    Work full of joy prolongs ones life . Live and work is Gods plan

    CHEPKWONY | September 24, 2020 13:15

    Thank you very much for the insight. Staying Positive and goal oriented.

    Ivan | September 24, 2020 13:12

    Honesty to your self and positivity makes it smooth for me to do things right

    Carolyne | September 24, 2020 12:53

    Being positive in life makes you stronger

    DISMAS | September 24, 2020 12:25

    sorry to ask what if ur being embarrassed time in time out with your boss what is the best way to go

    Vincent | September 24, 2020 11:36

    Appreciating others....good stuff.

    Joseph | September 24, 2020 11:35

    Being social and interactive,makes me feel flexible. This helps moving forward.That does not mean that we change our departmental roles,but interaction with colleagues from different departments makes life easy and enjoyable at our work place..

    JOEL | September 24, 2020 11:31

    sure having personal goals makes to focus on overall objective to atain

    Diminah | September 24, 2020 10:39

    Positivity ,appreciating others and time management are key attributes

    Brenda | September 24, 2020 09:45

    I agree with you all when you say that being positive is the driving force towards achieving your goals and I'm so inspired by all these nice words

    joshua | September 24, 2020 09:30

    embracing positivity.

    moses | September 24, 2020 09:30

    Positivity is the key to excel in someone vision

    JOHN | September 24, 2020 09:27

    Being positive the mother of all and the path to greater heights in life

    Phelix | September 24, 2020 08:39

    Embrace gratitude is my best hobby at work place

    KENNETH | September 24, 2020 07:24

    Positivity makes me move on

    IGNITIAS | September 24, 2020 06:41

    setting achievable goals, time management and being honest is the way to go i like all that you have shared.Thanks

    Alex | September 24, 2020 06:39

    setting goals enables you go extra mile. otherwise it motivates you to get from comfort zone

    Econi Vincent Kompany | September 24, 2020 06:25

    Loving every work you do means a lot

    Ladsy | September 24, 2020 05:52

    I embrace positivity and gratitude's to everything

    Mercy | September 24, 2020 05:13

    being positive and appreciative through every step.

    Jane | September 24, 2020 03:33

    Yah positivity and always yearning to learn new things incorporating with doing what rocks your world

    Alex | September 13, 2020 17:44

    Staying positive is key with setting.

    Vicky | September 10, 2020 07:47

    Positivity keeps me going even on the days am at my lowest point of life.

    Keta | September 09, 2020 19:49

    Being positive, is the key to success and can help you also fit in the society.

    Harrison | September 09, 2020 07:04

    Being positive is the key, also working towards your goal.

    Hannah | September 09, 2020 04:36

    Positivity carries everything in life

    Alex | September 09, 2020 03:06

    Setting goals, being yourself and managing time I believe are key for anyone to succeed. Thanks to fuzu!

    Muhia | September 08, 2020 20:29

    Success revolves around Time management...

    Godfrey | September 08, 2020 15:51


    Daugy | September 07, 2020 19:55

    Just be positive and set goals.

    George | September 07, 2020 09:05

    Great. Positivity is the key to achieving many goals set.

    INNOCENT | September 02, 2020 03:57

    Staying positive is key coupled with setting a challenging task that you must complete each work-day.

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