Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset: a Journey from an employee to an employer.

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An entrepreneurial mindset – the kind of mindset that instills confidence to actualize your dreams.

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If you were a cat, wandering the lonely streets, searching for meaning to life, if perhaps in your journey you encounter another cat, who warns you that your curiosity will get you killed, would you believe that cat? Would you give up searching for meaning, or would you wonder whether curiosity really killed the cat? What if the ‘alleged killed cat’ reincarnated itself, and emerged with seven lives? There is no sure way of telling, unless you let your curiosity drive you. Lack of curiosity would only render you a normal, potentially boring, life satisfaction.

You my friend, that is the kind of life you are living. You may want to start a business, but the voices in your mind arouse self-doubts; I am not built for this. It is too risky. I love a simple life, no need to complicate it. I do not blame you, it is normal to feel this way, especially if you do not have an entrepreneurial mindset – the kind of mindset that instills confidence to actualize your dreams. In simple terms, an entrepreneurial mindset is a mode of thinking that propels you to achieve and attain your goals by embracing the entrepreneurial culture.

So, how can you develop an entrepreneurial mindset? How can you become the curious cat who reincarnated itself? Here is how.

1. Always stay positive in your curiosity.

An entrepreneurial mind is that which wonders all the time, and yet in their wonder, they choose their battles carefully. Their mind ponders on several ‘what ifs’. What if we could design a way in which people could transfer money via their phones, over distances by just a click of a button?

The world already has enough problems and more problems accrue day by day; and to solve these problems it needs creative solutions. Moreover, your curiosity will lead you to potential what ifs, to come up with solutions. This requires you to be the master of your own thoughts. You are what you thinketh.

2. Speak out your vision.

There is a common saying that goes, all that I am, is the manifestation of my thoughts. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur is that, one is a doer while the other one is a dreamer. The doer is the kind who has acknowledged his dreams and actualized them. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, speak out your vision. Write down your thoughts on a vision board. Tell it to your friends and family members. Obsess about them until a persistent urge to achieve them begins gnawing in your throat. Do not underestimate the power of words. Everything we say to the universe reciprocates to us. Tell yourself your dreams until you believe in them. Clearly set out your goals. Make it a habit.

3. Be decisive in your everyday life.

If I were to offer you 100,000 shillings and 10% of a million shillings as a grant to start up your business, which one would you choose?

The correct answer to this question is the amount of time it would take you to pick a choice, if there is any. An entrepreneurial mindset requires quick decision making process and doing so with confidence, and living by your choices. You can train yourself to be decisive by the simple choices you make in your daily life.

4. Be aware of your reality.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, you need to acknowledge that that is the reality. How you handle failure determines the tenacity with which you will get back on your feet and start again. Develop the habit of redefining failure; take them as lessons learnt the hard way. You need to accept that sometimes you may not be in control, but what you do to get around those situations is what sets you a part from any other person. Accept such realities, and confront your fears.

In the end, you have to take risks, expecting the best and hoping for the worst. Dealing with both requires emotional intelligence.

In summary, it is the simple things you ignore or complain about that may boost your creativity and innovation – major characteristic of an entrepreneur. You need to acknowledge that success is an elusive concept, and you need all the help that you can get. Entrepreneurial mindset entails learning new things daily. Knowledge is vast, and what you read and consume, whom you socialize with or what movies you watch, are the building blocks of your entrepreneurial mindset.

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