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Everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare... Professional healthcare is just one call away.

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The fight against Coronavirus is a combined effort. Staying at home and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is critical. To give you access to medical professionals while still at home, we have partnered with Access Afya. Telemedicine services enable you to get medical support on the phone especially if you have questions on Coronavirus. Other health concerns such as skin conditions and chronic condition management can be done over the phone keeping you out of crowded waiting rooms. Telehealth is also available after the curfew!

You will receive personalized advice on the next steps to take from a certified professional, and for 40% of cases a digital prescription can be emailed to you on the spot. 

Access Afya is the modern healthcare operating system for emerging economies. They believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. Access Afya runs a network of 17 health facilities in four counties in Kenya accompanied by digital health services to stay in touch between visits.

How to access Access Afya services

Access mDakatri telemedicine services online by creating an account and requesting a visit. We are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll start by telling us more about your symptoms using an online form. Your doctor will review this before the consultation. Online triage includes coronavirus screening questions and with escalation for probable and suspected cases. 

To support the community through the COVID-19 crisis, Access Afya has reduced your rate for telemedicine sessions to Ksh 100. Use code FUZU2020 at checkout on a consultation with any Clinical Officer. Professional healthcare is just a click call away. 


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