Easter egg hunt or job hunt? Choose one.

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You can have a good time over the Easter holiday while hatching an egg-cellent career plan with these three tips.

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We all love the holidays. They give us an opportunity to take a break from the norm as well as to spend time with family and well-meaning friends. Speaking of friends and family, we all have those who can be charming, rowdy or rarely quiet about anything.

“Are you still on job hunting mode? You’ve been at it for a while, how is the going? Hang in there buddy.” Such conversations tend to be tricky and might end up going off the rails.  

But don’t let that ruin your Easter holiday. We’ve got some pointers on how you can make the most out of your Easter holiday to get ahead on the job hunt.

Hiring never stops

You could be tempted to take a break from job searching because of the holiday. On the flip side, holidays will provide you with distinct advantages and lucrative opportunities; business needs rarely change. It probably is the best time to take advantage of less competition since most job seekers might not be actively seeking and applying for jobs.

While at it, pay attention to the job descriptions to understand what is expected of applicants in your field in terms of skill set.

You need help

I am a do-it-myself kind of person who perfectly works in solitude. But things changed for the better when I discovered expert career advice – career coaching. This should be the time to plan your next career move. A career coach will help you an actionable roadmap towards getting your dream job by helping you to come up with a focused job search strategy.

In addition to providing you with job market insights, the career coach will help you build a compelling resume and teach you how to leverage your academic qualifications and work experience for you to get a job.

Rekindle old contacts

Holidays are a good time to catch up with your old contacts i.e. former colleagues. However, you’ll need to make arrangements earlier before they all get out of town plans. Former colleagues are in a better position to give you insider information of open positions in their companies. Rekindling and solidifying your old relationships will help you get referees who only have good things to say about you.

You can have a good time over the Easter holiday while hatching an egg-cellent career plan with these three tips.

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