Feeling lost? No need to worry, you don’t have to hit the bull’s eye at first attempt.

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You have to step into the ring, get knocked down, crawl back to your corner and ask, ‘What never worked and how can I re-strategize?

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Vincent Van Gogh is a name revered globally. His paintings cost a king’s ransom. But the sad part of this story is that he didn’t hang around to glory in his success. When critics tore to pieces his work, he broke down and chose suicide. Posthumously, his works were recognized and they raked in huge financial success.

Have you ever felt lost? Or, do you feel lost? Could there be a straight path to success, please? One that has no windings, unexpected bends which bend the will to keep going, and one that isn’t rocky?

It’s the human nature to wish that everything goes smoothly; no sweat, no tears. Why can’t all just pan out without causing any trouble; why can’t life be easy?

Hayley Williams quipped, ‘sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand.’ The human race may bear wishes that everything goes swiftly, but the truth is that getting lost is part of the journey. And hey, if you realize you’re lost, that’s a great thing because you at least know where you are supposed to be. What failure does is it gives you a sense of direction. Let’s talk about why you don’t need a clear path to succeed.

Failure spikes creativity: Failure, when well handled by an optimistic and resilient mind, elevates creativity. This is because we constantly turn ideas in our minds in search of a way out of the failure. In an interview chronicled in Forbes, Dr. Sam Collins highly recommends losing at least one job in your life because it gives you awareness and an aliveness you don't get when you have the same job for life. He reasons that it forces you to tune in to what you truly want in a career.  

Alright, let’s get something straight. Don’t intentionally lose your job or fail. That’s crazy. The point is that if it happens; milk the good that can come out of it. Why? Failure is an opportunity!

Failure is a wrap that covers lessons: In every failed attempt, there is a lesson to grasp and become better. Successful people are all marred with failure. At one point they had to bow to defeat and walk their tear-streaked faces back to the drawing board.

The thing is, every time you crawl back to solitude and brood on how to make things work, you have the knowledge of how the road looks like and what you need to do or desist from doing the next time. The devil is always in the details, a reason you will never figure out everything from the onset. You have to step into the ring, get knocked down, crawl back to your corner and ask, ‘What never worked and how can I re-strategize?’

Have you ever felt lost or do you feel lost? Just like in the game of darts, you don’t have to hit the bull’s eye at the first attempt!

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    Thank you for encouraging word...failure is an opportunity i proud for that word...you take my life at easy thought..

    Geoffrey Otieno | May 01, 2019 17:44

    Good job

    Geoffrey Otieno | May 01, 2019 17:43

    Great job to fuzu,motivating self esteemed med calibers on scaling new heights

    JAMES | April 29, 2019 14:44

    What a strong motivation that helps one recollect him/herself from pessimism.

    JOSEPH | April 29, 2019 05:19

    Insightful, inspiring, encouraging.

    Emily | April 29, 2019 04:47

    Very inspirational indeed..

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    Tanks fuzu team

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    Thanks a lot Fuzu team

    Suzan | April 19, 2019 07:10

    Oh...feels good to know that atleast therez someone who not only understands how i feel right now but also given me the strength to face the situation with a positive attitude.Thanks Fuzu team.

    PATRICK | April 19, 2019 05:30

    Very inspiring!

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