Finding Your Purpose

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We all need to have a purpose in life to give us a sense of direction. Not to walk through life feeling something is amiss, lost or numb. 

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Are you still shopping around for a purpose? I won’t be surprised if you are, especially if they dictated most of the paths that you took. By ‘they’ I mean your folks. It is the reason why there are guys who immediately after graduation will wrap up the certificate they toiled for years and gift it to their parents. Simply because they never saw that course contributing to their purpose in life.

We all need to have a purpose in life to give us a sense of direction. Not to walk through life feeling something is amiss, lost or numb. This is the only to avoid dreaming about living someone else’s life. Not that it’s wrong to admire their success (if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t have role models), but will you be admiring what they do or what they have? Interrogate yourself; is it conviction over commerce for you?

It’s a good thing that you are already thinking or talking about. On the other hand it’s also easy to get lost in these same thoughts. Focus this energy on finding instead of thinking hard. Which takes us to the work place, where our lives focus so much on what we are supposed to do rather than finding our purpose at what we do. Enough can’t be said about the importance of being happy at work; however, it is equally important to find meaning in the work that you do. Deriving meaning will give you that drive to love what you do and give you a sense of satisfaction as you contribute your time effort and skills.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be that one thing that you struggle to pursue but leaves you in a state of comatose when it doesn’t work out for you. Let’s come down stairs, from your head to your heart, to things that matter to you. You can turn your passions into your purpose. You may be good at photography and writing at the same time but you only do them as side hustles. You can turn them into your daily passions and dictate what your daily life should be like and what your story should be at large.

Finding your purpose is critical to your own well-being. As you hope to impact the world, start with those who are close to you. It’s understandable that job opportunities are limited compared to the number job seekers, leaving one to just apply for whichever opportunity that comes their way. However, it’s best to figure out what matters to you. Does the role you are applying for match your values and mission? Will you be giving more that you take at the end of the day?

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