"From getting support creating my CV to landing my dream job," Herbert.

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It takes creativity, innovation and learning to be great at whatever you are pursuing.

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My name is Herbert Wamulugwa, a Budget & Reporting Officer at Total, Uganda. I’m passionate about networking and sharing knowledge among my peers. I’m also a big fan of WWE, motorsport, reading Quora content & listening to music.

I discovered Fuzu around September last year when I was actively looking for job opportunities in line with my skill set. I Googled and one of the opportunities that I came across was on Fuzu. I was impressed by how organised the website was. I immediately signed up and created an account. Afterwards, I started getting periodic job notifications that I would check out often. 

My biggest challenge as a professional was not being able to properly organize and market my CV. I had gained valuable experience from my previous roles but I did not know how to structure the massive experience to suit the advertised jobs that I was applying for. I leveraged on Fuzu to learn how to always customize my CV to suit an advertised job opportunity.

When it comes to the best practises during job interviews, confidence comes first, as long as you believe and trust that you can do the job. You don’t need to know everything on the job description but rather have a plan or an idea on how you’d learn very fast on the job. 

If asked, “Tell us about yourself, who are you...?” Highlight your educational journey (complete or on course) and any professional qualification. Furthermore, if you’ve worked before or currently working, please let them know what you do/did that is relevant to the job that you are interviewing for. This also includes side hustles that you do besides your job. For example,you could say I’m an excel trainer. This creates an impression that the person we are hiring is bringing value to the organisation. Try not to say what has not been asked. 

Keep your CV short, give a summary of what you do and you will give the rest of the details when asked during the interview. 

This year I’m challenging myself to further my skills strategically. Not only the technical skills that get work done but also critical thinking skills that can create impact on the operations of any organisation. Fuzu is going to be key in helping me achieve this as they always send me self-improvement articles to my mail.

I believe it takes creativity, innovation and learning to be great at whatever you are pursuing. Ideally as an accountant, for instance, don’t confine yourself to only accounting. Look into other professions that provide direct service to accountants. ie IT fellows, Staticians etc. This makes you an all in one Accountant! The most attribute above all is being disciplined.

I would strongly recommend Fuzu to my peers because of its user friendliness. It’s also the best place to get hope from inspirational articles about career growth. The recruitment process is also transparent. 

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    Chuwai | March 06, 2020 04:25

    I wish the same to me, I'm new member in FUZU family,I have Equally learnt how to organise my CV which was not the case before,so my CV is updated, I get notifications from FUZU, I have applied jobs through FUZU and only awaiting for interview.

    Brian | February 21, 2020 07:38

    I am still sojuorn with acquiring experience which I will used best in respective field of study

    ADHIAMBO | February 20, 2020 06:44

    Thanks for the positive feedback looking forward to reap too

    DANA | February 19, 2020 15:20

    Congratulations Herbert.

    Walter | February 18, 2020 14:28

    i am also looking forward to learn more from my seniors as i grow my skills to the best of my knowledge.

    ERICK | February 18, 2020 06:15

    Great!!! I am also trying it out anticipating the best.

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