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You may have been applying for jobs for a while and nothing has been forthcoming. Let not the series of rejections put you down.

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Career success is a journey of self-discovery, and at Fuzu we celebrate when our users make progress and get closer to that dream job in line with their career goals. 

Mercy Mukami was searching for a job and decided to try the Fuzu platform. This helped her organize her job search and make the necessary progress for being a good candidate. Mercy was recently hired as the Sales and Marketing Manager by Lisha Bora Hydroponics, which is one of the major players in dairy farming industry in Kenya. Here is what she had to say about Fuzu

“I have to say that the platform is very helpful when it comes to selection of jobs that suit my skills, work experience, education and my set career goal. This aspect landed me my current job as a Sales and Marketing Manager at Lisha Bora Hydroponics this year. I simply applied and did all the online tests that were required. I was called for an interview and later on got a call that I had gotten the job. The Fuzu platform works and I would encourage everyone to use Fuzu. Look at me; I got a job why shouldn’t you get one?”

Salome Njoki, another happy Fuzu user, took the time to apply for several jobs. She is now part of the EG BrandHouse, a top notch branding consultancy. Here is what Salome has to say about Fuzu. 

"So, Fuzu works! If anyone had any doubts I’ll tell you it does. I got into the system shortly after its launch last year, applied for a job almost immediately. Though it took time and several other applications, I got the job I first applied for, and so far I will say quality employer, quality workplace." 

You may have been applying for jobs for a while and nothing has been forthcoming. Let not the series of rejections put you down. Mercy and Salome’s journey to finding their new jobs would not have been possible if they hadn’t remained hopeful and been specific on what they want. Use the time you have to prepare well and find the best opportunities. You can do it too! 

Dream. Grow. Be Found.

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    Beatrice | December 31, 2017 00:04

    Just joined but I'm positive it will work out.

    KORIR | December 03, 2016 21:54

    I am just about two weeks old using this awesome platform but I have learned what I had not found anywhere else. Its a transparent system where you can track your application, know how you compare with other applicants as I just did, and also learn some of the key skills. If you are to pay for the extras, it is nothing compared to what you will gain after doing so. Sincerely speaking, this platform has really transformed my job search and I am hoping for the best anytime. Thanks to the team Fuzu.

    nicholas | May 21, 2016 05:39


    June | April 29, 2016 15:52

    thank you still hopeful

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