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Our values make us who we are by serving as a compass for our actions and providing shape to our company culture. 

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Is it the right time to start my business? Should I take up this job offer? These are examples of questions we ask ourselves. As we debate with ourselves trying to make the best decision, we subconsciously consult our personal values. We are governed by values in our daily lives; guiding our decision making in all that we do.

It’s not any different for companies. Corporate values are the guiding principles that dictate behaviour helping individuals differentiate between right and wrong. In the long run this provides a framework on how the company engages with its customers, employees and stakeholders.

Since our launch in 2015, we’ve stayed true to our mission of tackling youth unemployment on this side of the Sahara. This wouldn’t have been easy if we didn’t have the Fuzu values that we identify with as a team; giving us a sense of direction and purpose. Our values make us who we are by serving as a compass for our actions and providing shape to our company culture.

These are the Fuzu values:-


Every human being is valuable. We believe passionately in unleashing the human potential. We focus on professional enlightenment. We build tools for people to reach their full potential and lead happy and meaningful lives. Be it by themselves or as members of our community.


Us all being equal; we listen to everyone with humility. We keep an open heart and mind. Every user is valuable in their own right. We say no to all forms of discrimination. We are respectful of inequalities. Integrity and transparency is fundamental in everything we do. We can be trusted.


Sisu is a Finnish word describing hard work and determination even against the odds. Hard work should always be recognised and rewarded. Good things happen with perseverance. We cultivate long term growth. We encourage people to evolve and learn throughout life.


We celebrate humour and playfulness in achievements. The journey is as important as the destination. We strive to bring hope. We empower and uplift people through disappointments with optimism, even when the odds are low.

So don’t be surprised when our customer service team cracks a joke on the other end of the line, we are just trying to make your day as well as your career successful.

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