Global Marketing: 5 Ways to Optimize Ads to Reach Your Target Audience

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Through global marketing, small enterprises, and startups, can reach their target audience anywhere they need to maximize on growth.

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In the past, global marketing was considered as a strategy only used by big conglomerates and multinationals. However, the World Wide Web has made the global market so small and accessible by just a click. Now, through global marketing, small enterprises, and startups, can reach their target audience anywhere they need to maximize on growth.

Global marketing is the process of planning, creating, and promoting your brand in a global market. At the core of global marketing is the use of ads. Some of the benefits that your brand can accrue from global marketing include:

  • Improving the effectiveness of your product service

  • Enabling you to have a strong competitive advantage

  • Providing new revenue opportunities

  • It offers the chance to learn and improve your products

  • Increases brand awareness and reputation

To reap from the above benefits, the following are five strategies you can use to reach your target audience.

1. Know your market

It is prudent to know where your customers are coming from as this would help you develop your global marketing strategy. Add ons such as Google analytics can show you where your customers are located and how much they have spent in your store. It also helps you to develop ads with regard to the customer’s trend. You can use Google analytics to show where your brand has more traffic.

2. Find the right channel/medium

After knowing whom your target audience is, the next question to ask yourself would be how to reach them. Where do your target audiences spend most of their time on the internet? Conducting a demographic search helps to know where, and when your audience is consuming the internet. This eases your marketing strategy and reduces the budget, since your adverts will only appear strategically in places where the target audiences are.

3. Create a consistent and a strong brand culture

Achieving brand culture begins with humanizing your brand. All of your communications and marketing strategies should tell your brand’s story. The kind of story and the voice of narration should be consistent in all your platforms. Consistency helps in building your brands culture, thus enabling consumers to relate with it. Consumers also expect that the brand that they use reflect their own culture.

4. Localize your communication

Make your ads relatable to your audience by translating and localizing your content so that it can easily appeal to the culture of your audiences. You can consider working with a translator or a specialist, or better yet, you can enable Google to translate on your website.

5. Make your content mobile friendly

Almost everyone has accesses internet via their mobile phones. As you create your online marketing campaign; be wise to employ the use of different types of media. More so, use media that can be accessed via mobile phones. In addition, different content captures different types of audiences.

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    Moses | January 31, 2021 18:27

    You should understand people who around you and their interest !

    Faith | January 19, 2021 13:46

    You should also be friendly to people and cope up with them and you should speak to them according to their level of understanding

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