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The collective knowledge of the world is accessible to you, invest in yourself.

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Throughout the formative years of our lives, one thing is consistent. There was and still is a lot of structure; the when, where, how, what and why’s of day to day life are answered. Albeit in our estimation, unsatisfactorily, there still was always an answer to those questions, and if there was none, it was deferred to being answered when you are older.

Jump to the present; as you read this, looking to first establish which question you will ask, and thereafter the answer, the rules are different, undefined even. There is a game being played and you are most certainly part of it, but are unclear of your position. Most of us and rightly so, will decide what we think our roles should be, and more often than not, this is influenced by the questions and answers made available to us during those formative years. And so we follow a road that aligns to what, to the best of our knowledge, will lead us to our destiny…

It is at this point that we go back to that former phrase, “THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE.” Commonly, in instances where that phrase is used, it seldom is followed by an action to improve on what our BEST is. That perhaps is the greatest tragedy of all, in an era named the “information age” so few seek to be informed.

You inundate your superiors, peers and strangers with a barrage of questions, “What is wrong with my CV? Why am I not being hired? Why is my business failing? How do I succeed? When should I try?”  They are innumerous, and valid. Nonetheless, it is at this point that we must play to the strengths that were cultivated in all of us during those formative stages. And that was to always try to answer the question before seeking assistance.

The challenge to you at this juncture is simple, find a question, and answer it to the best of your knowledge. But thereafter take time and research, Google is your friend. The collective knowledge of the world is accessible to you, invest in yourself. If after a cumulative day of researching you are still of the opinion that you were at the best of your knowledge, then the problem is you, not them. You will have to solve for how to make them understand you, and as ever, in this too Google is your friend.

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