MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition launched to boost entrepreneurship

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Fuzu News Centre: week of 8th July

You know how we catch up every Friday! We give you updates on all the business stories that happened during the week to keep you informed. Be sure to find all the trending stories on the ‘Fuzu News Centre’. Here is your week in rewind.


MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition
The government of Kenya in Partnership with the World Bank this week launched MbeleNaBiz Business Plan competition initiative geared towards increasing employment opportunities amongst the youth. Through the initiative, 750 applicants will be awarded funds of either 900, 000 or 3,600,000 and business plan training. Qualifications are 18-35 years of age with KCSE Certificate set as the minimal education determinant.
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Employees in Agriculture & Manufacturing Industry record the lowest remuneration  
ICEA Lion management this week shared a report of Salient Employment Trends in Kenya 2014-2018. From the report, agriculture and manufacturing workers receive a stipend of 500, 000 annually which is below average. Despite government funding both sectors, tax incentives and poor infrastructure are the main causes of this muddle.
“The government needs to do a couple of things such as engage in public-private sector partnerships and address the structural challenges such as lack of value addition, the high cost of energy, lack of access to markets and up-scaling workforce in the sector,” said ICEA Lion’s Head of Management and Research Judd Murigi 
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Del Monte’s Sh500m plant expansion to create 200 new jobs
The Thika based pineapple juices processers will be expanding its manufacturing plant to accommodate processing of other fruits like mangoes, avocado and passion fruits. Upon expansion, 60 tonnes of fresh fruits are expected to be processed each year with the aim of expanding its markets both locally and internationally.
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KCB Commits 10M for Afro-Asia Fintech Festival 2019
The Afro-Asia Fintech Festival 2019 summit will be happening on 15/16 of July hosted by Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has offered 10 million to facilitate the improvement of Financial Technology and promote financial inclusion.
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 Uganda and Tanzania Merge for Business Development
The government of Uganda has launched Uganda Tanzania Business forum geared in increasing business investment and trade opportunities between the two countries. The initiative will see the two countries trade in an open platform with a conducive environment to conduct trade.
“The forum will bring together business leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders to explore opportunities in the two countries and the region in general,” Richard Kabonero, the Ugandan High Commissioner in Tanzania said.

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